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Ed, Edd and Eddy Adventure in Los Angeles is an American Canadian live action/animated adventure buddy comedy film with the animated scenes directed by Danny Antonucci and the film's live action scenes directed by Mike Mitchell.

It is a spin-off of the 20?? film Get Animated.




  • Jennifer Lawrence as Mary Williams; The Main Protagonist 
  • Emilia Clark as Christine "Chris" Williams: Mary's Twin Sister
  • TBA as The Movie's Main Antagonist.

Voice Cast

Cameo Casts

  • Jenna Coleman as the girl in the Toilet.


The conclusion of Lorcan's Legacy

  • (The Film begins at the beach, The Eds has completed their Lorcan's Legacy mission and enjoy their time at the beach)
  • Edd: Good. We can finally rest from this crazy adventure.
  • Eddy: I know, sockhead. And Maisie said that Lorcan would be proud of us.
  • Edd: Eddy, all we can do now is to call Numbuh 362 and we can go back home.
  • Eddy: C'mon Double D, we deserve to relax, look at Ed.
  • (Ed running around as a red haired girl's studying them)
  • Edd: Well, I think we can relax and take a long vacation from the Kankers.
  • Eddy: There you go!
  • Ed: Guys look!
  • (The Eds saw the red haired girl and disappeared)
  • Edd: Good Lord. Who was that?!
  • Eddy: She could be one of the Kankers!
  • Ed: I think so, or... Must be Harley!
  • Edd: No. There a bit of that girl's hair.
  • (Edd calls Numuh 362 on the dimensional watch)
  • Numbuh 362: Hey guys. You've finished Lorcan's Legacy.
  • Edd: Listen, we saw a familiar girl with a red hair! Can we used the DNA scanner?
  • Numbuh 362: sure. Meet me at the building so we can try and scan it.

The Girl attacks