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Several millennia after the alien soul suckers Exa-Morphs attacked and nearly destroyed mankind, we thought we had stopped them until decoding their language discovering that was the first fleet of thousands in their army, we uncovered their planetary location, we had a strategy and a plan:

1. Send the best of the best soldiers in The Advanced Exa-Morph suits.

2. Use an Exo-Morph hologram to blend in.

3. Fly to A.I. Planet: A.A.R.I.S. (their planet) study their behaviors, speak their language, and learn the next invasion date.

4. Infect them with a strong Earth Virus: Virus X.

5. While their species is weak use steal their weaponry.

6. Annihilate their planet and species with their own weapons.

Those 6 steps are easy for The Top 10 Best U.S. Army Superiors:

The 10 Soldiers were: Allen "Trigger" Schaffer, "Nuke" James Jr.

Here we meet the Female Protagonist: Elizabeth Chase Morgan whom is a Primitive Heroine of The Ice Corps.


Characters from year 2035 cast:

Eric Bana as Neon Vin Diesel as President Black

Characters from year 5035 cast:

Danielle Harris as Elizabeth Chase Morgan


  • Earth Corps: Prime
  • Earth Corps: Allegiance
  • Earth Corps: Insurrection
  • Earth Corps: Annihilation
  • Earth Corps: Resurrection


  • Formation: Earth Corps I
  • War: Earth Corps II
  • Salvation: Earth Corps III