Earth 2 is home to the Crime Syndicate and Justice Underground.

Things about it

  • John Wilkes Booth was president but was killed by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Corrupt superhero the Comedian shot and killed John F. Kennedy.
  • World War 3 was created.
  • Minutemen was formed but Comedian got kicked out for sexual assault on Silk Spectre I which was luckily prevented by Hooded Justice, who angrily beat him up.
  • As a child, Walter Kovacs was physically and verbally abused by his cruel mother, which might've caused the bruises on his face. However, he assaulted two bullies while biting a cheek off of one of them. This caused him to be put under state care.
  • Comedian was murdered by Ozymandias for every horrible action that was committed.
  • Rorschach was framed for a crime he didn't commit and was arrested before being unmasked in public and his identity revealed to be Walter Kovacs.
  • Rorschach has broken out of prison and killed Big Figure, a midget criminal.
  • Ozymandias was revealed to be the one that killed the Comedian but his real plan is to unify the United States and the Soviet Union by destroying the world's main cities with exploding energy reactors infused with energy from Dr. Manhatten.
  • Rorschach (unmasked) is killed by Dr. Manhatten just to prevent him from disputing a new peace between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, Nite Owl II saw this and was saddened by the death of his partner.
  • After Dr. Manhatten left Earth 2, Nite Owl II angrily assaults Ozymandias in retaliation for Rorschach's death but calms down and leaves his enemy.
  • Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II start a relationship and most likely got married.
  • In 1987, Zod and Lara-El have an affair and create Kal-El.
  • In 1988, a jealous Kara tries to kill her baby cousin but is stopped by Zod and banished from Krypton.
  • In 1989, Krypton is destroyed and pieces of it, along with Kal-El's ship, crashes into Smallville. Kal-El is found by the Luthors and named Clark Luthor.
  • In the same year, Raven is born but is hated by his parents.
  • During Clark's childhood, he is teased and bullied by Lois Lane and Lucy Lane but later Lucy is found dead and Lois becomes scared of Clark, who is traumatized by the death.
  • At the Kent Farm, he finds his spaceship there and beats the abusive couple for stealing from him. He is then told to take the world as he activates his powers.
  • In Gotham, Bruce Wayne and Martha Wayne are killed by a corrupt cop but Thomas is spared due to selling them out while Thomas Wayne Jr. escapes and is raised by Crime Boss Gordon to become a criminal mastermind.
  • In Bellevue, Raven is abused by his father and r***d by his mother. However, he finally snaps and kills them.
  • During Clark's childhood, he meets Lana Lang and falls in love with her. She takes a liking to him and is amazed by his powers. She also accepts him for what he did to Lucy and claims that he is acting like a vigilante.
  • At the Luther Mansion, Tess Mercer gets attracted to Clark and develops an incest relationship with him but he rejects her due to his loyalty to Lana, much to her anger.
  • After his mom's death, Clark is abused by Lionel due to being blamed for the mother's death and is receives a scar on his arm out of jealous by his older brother Lex Luthor.
  • When Clark and Tess' relationship is revealed, Lionel murders her but an angry Clark kills him in return and runs away to Lana's house, where he lives with her now.
  • During his year at high school, he kills Greg Arkin, Justin Gaines, Jodi Melville, and the other meteor infected students who served as villains. He also scars Chloe for her part in his suffering.
  • During his final year of high school, he is attacked by Lois' father and the military but he manages to kill them all, causing her to have a hatred of him.
  • After graduating, he is given a contract to marry Diana Prince to prevent a war but he dislikes her to her manipulating him.
  • He goes on to become a vigilante and calls himself Ultra Man.
  • He becomes a death god to the world and there are many who oppose him.
  • He meets a meta-human speedster named Johnny Quick and defeats him in a race, earning loyalty from him.
  • He meets his Bizarro rival Homelander and fights him but manages to get him to stop Brainiac.
  • Homelander sacrifices himself to stop Brainiac.
  • A museum is build in Ultra Man's honor but it is blown up by the most evil terrorist Owlman and it causes the deaths of innocent people.
  • Owlman escapes and his comrades are arrested but Ultra Man offers to help them and claims they were being used by a mad man.
  • Ultra Man defeats terrorists on a plane but Diana manages to get him to leave them to die.
  • He gets angered by her and divorces her.
  • He then has dinner with the ambassador but is feared by him.


  • Clark Luthor/Ultraman
  • Lana Lang Luthor/Superwoman
  • Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman
  • Johnathon Chambers/Johnny Quick
  • Jordan Harolds/Power Ring
  • White Martian
  • Silver Cyclone
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