In A Alternative Timeline, Earth Was Ruled By Kaiju As Humanity Has To Learn To Co-Exist With Them Or They Have To Survive Or Die During Kaiju Attacks. The First Kaiju, Godzilla, Was Discovered In 1954. 

Kaiju Survival Guide


• Coastal Cities Are At Greater Risk Of A Attack, If Possible, Remain At Least 200 Miles Inland.

• Know Your Categories, For Example, A Category IV Kaiju Is More Powerful And Deadlier Than A Category II Kaiju. 


• Proceed Quickly To The Nearest Underground Shelter.

• Do Not Run, Well, At Least If The Kaiju Categories Are Beyond IV, Kaijus In Categories Beyond IV Is Trained For Rapid Motion. 

• Small Firearms Only Aggravate The Kaiju. 

• Duck And Cover Of You Are Not Able To Reach Shelter. 

• Make Sure That The Kaiju Has Vacated The Area Before Emerging. 

• Be Patient. Wait For The Military To Position Anti-Kaiju Robots Like Mechagodzilla Or Anti-Kaiju Weapons Like The Gotengo

• Brace Yourself, Because Certain Kaiju Like Godzilla Have Beams That Could Kill You, Since Many Kaiju Have Feed On Natural Radiation For Billions Of Years. 

Kaiju Codenames

• Godzilla: Titanus Gojira

• Mothra: Titanus Mosla

• Rodan: Titanus Radon

• King Ghidorah: Titanus Ghidora

• Kamacuras: Titanus Gimantis

• Anguirus: Titanus Angilas

• Gigan: Titanus Borodan

• Varan: Titanus Baradagi

• King Kong: Titanus Kong

• MUTO: Titanus Mutogumo

• Gorosaurus: Titanus Goro

• Baragon: Titanus Baragora

• Gabara: Titanus Gabala

• Behemoth: Titanus Behemoth

• Scylla: Titanus Scylla

• Methuselah: Titanus Methuselah

• Megaguirus: Titanus Megaguirasu

• Megalon: Titanus Megalo

• Biollante: Titanus Biorante

• Zilla: Titanus Jira

• Manda: Titanus Manda

• Gezora: Titanus Zogera

• Orga: Titanus Orgah

• Ebirah: Titanus Evirah

• Ganimes: Titanus Ganime

• Titanosaurus: Titanus Chitanosaurus

• Skull Crawler: Titanus Ramarak

• Kamoebas: Titanus Kamoeba 

• Matango: Titanus Matango

• Hedorah: Titanus Hedoron

• Maguma: Titanus Magma

• Gargantuas: Titanus Gargantua 

• Destoroyah: Titanus Destroyer

• Kumonga: Titanus Spiga

• Dogora: Titanus Dagora

• King Caesar: Titanus Seesaw

• Battra: Titanus Battora

• Giant Octopus: Titanus Kraken

• Giant Condor: Titanus Oowashi

• Komodithrax: Titanus Komodo

• Spacegodzilla: Titanus Crytal-Gojira

• Dagahra: Titanus Dagarla

• Gorgo: Titanus Gorgo

• Giant Claw: Titanus Carcagne

• Rhedosaurus: Titanus Rhedo

• Desghidorah: Titanus Lucifer

• Ymir: Titanus Ymir

• Reptilicus: Titanus Reptilicus

• Paleosaurus: Titanus Paleosaurus

• Gappa: Titanus Gappa

Kaiju That Live On Earth And/Or Came To Earth

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