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 Reality Number 50
 Status Existing
 Creator Primordial

Earth (otherwise known as the World, in Greek: Γαῖα Gaia, or in Latin: Terra) is the 3rd planet away from the Sun, in the Sol System, in the Milky Way Galaxy in Dimension-50.


Dimension-50's Earth is vastly different to its original counterpart. As where Eurasia is, is in fact replaced by the Fabula Kingdoms. Most of the counties are still there, with alterations.

Being a All Mulitverse

Since it's also an All Mulitverse in Dimension-50, Earth has other things very similar to other Mulitverses. Most notably be the Halo Mulitverse, where the UNSC exists alongside the Alpha Legion, and also an Mass Effect technology of the Protheans. There are also other small ones within it, such as Clannad, and even Corpse Party.


Earth still had World War I and World War II from the same causes, except the Fabula Kingdom was in it, and is allied to the United States, and the Alpha Legion was also in it. Arthur Pendragon also fought both of the wars.