Vescatur (Latin, Cannibal) are an alien race of sentient parasites. All but one have been wiped out from the Universe. And serve as a main focus of the plot.


"The first thing you should know is that the symboite is a foreign substance that is not of Earthland. In order to survive it needs to have a host and feeds off of a chemical called phenethylamine to stay sane and healthy, which has been said to be found abundantly in two sources: chocolate and human brain tissue. Thus, the host is forced to steal/buy large amounts of chocolate or become an unwilling cannibal who devours the brains of those he kills. Even though crime is never the solution, murder of the innocent is unforgivable and I would rather you do the former of the options. Now until a certain time comes, the symboite will wake up and present itself to you unlocking your potential. Bonding process with a host is typically the opposite fast and painless. But if bonded to a child, it will be due to the body not being fully mature."

"These creatures are extremely powerful and not only do they have abilities of themselves, but also pass abilities onto their host. As of right now and according to my research the host as a natural gains increased strength, speed, endurance, durability, agility, longevity and intelligence, and enhances other natural attributes as well. What is most enhanced out of everything is the healing factor. In several tests, you could grow back a hand within a few seconds and an entire limb within a minute or two. This also applies to vital organs, bones, and blood. Even cutting off your head won't do anything. But there is a weak spot however, it appears that cutting out the back of the neck will result in death. Note that the back of the neck must be cut out, not simply shot or stabbed, you'll still live. Also it seems that due to the bonding process, a person bonded with a symboite gains immunity to several abilities. The infamous, pentace stare being one, as well as several others."

"It also seems that your appearance will be affected. I believe that you will find out what it does to you. I am more pronounced canines, pointed ears, and changes in the eyes."

"I am not sure about other abilities it's grants the host but lets move on to the symbite's own unique abilities. I believe that these are it's abilities that in order to use you must summon the "costume"."

"The first ability of course is that they posses a degree of telepathy and can freely speak to the host and even read it's thoughts without difficulty."

"They can expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Symbiotes can get inside of small areas such as electric wires and the insides of cars and completely disable them. The Symbiote is also able to project a web-like substance from its body, similar to Spider-Man's. However, this webbing is produced organically by the Symbiote from its own mass, which means that overuse can weaken the alien until it is able to regenerate. He can launch parts of his body at enemies in the form of solid weapons such as darts, spears, knives, axes, etc., although they disintegrate into dust within ten seconds of leaving its body. The Symbiote can also send out tendrils which can be used to grab or manipulate items from a distance. It also has the strange ability to warp his appendages into different arms, legs, a shield, and even wings and horns. Further inspection showed that it can create "dimensional aperture," allowing its hosts to carry items without adding mass to the costume or needing to use pockets."

"Speaking of shape shifting, it has full control over the size, shape, color, texture, and hardness of it's body. When you two meet together it can make itself look like normal clothing on his host and create disguises, or act as "camouflage" into the background. With the symbiote bonded to your body and bloodstream, he can "regenerate" his costume from scratch simply by bleeding. As a creature that thrives on adaptability, it is also able to rapidly adapt to new environments. Such as water, desert forest, or possibly even space itself."

"Some minor but still necessary abilities include the ability to adhere to most surfaces with its hands and feet, which when needed will grant you that ability as well. The ability to produce toxins and venoms. Ah yes it even has a bite that produces perhaps one of the most fatal corrosive toxins that I have ever seen. The venom seems eat away at all of the users flesh starting from the inside out, while causing unbearable pain and weakening the user. One bite is enough to kill one hundred men. Though the venom seems to take 2-3 days before it kills the user. In those days the user will become weak both physically and experience hallucinations that may drive them insane. In the later stages, the venom will paralyze the user one limb at a time until their body finally shuts down. Of course it also seems to have a cure made from the same substance which can be created at any given time."

"It also has empathic abilities, and is able to project desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts. The empathic ability seems to allow them to have a special connection with fauna forms. Some of these include Zoolingualism, taming, and even Thiriokinesis. Combined with that, Symboites also posses a special sixth sense that allows them to indicate danger just before it hits them. This sense can also be used to track others and reveal information about the targets abilities and powers. They are also able to detect when others are ill and "cure" or "cleanse" them. He is able to cure ailments from hepatitis to removing narcotics and even radiation from a person's body. I believe that this healing ability can even spawn to physical body damage as well."

"Perhaps the most frightening thing about this though is that it has amazing adaptation. Every time it becomes severely wounded and I mean severely such as a near loss of half of your blood or someone rips the heart out, when it recovers, it will become naturally stronger both physically and in abilities. While that is the fastest way to become powerful it is frowned upon and often causes the body a great deal of strain and pain. So literally whatever doesn't kill them will only make them stronger."

"But one of the most amazing abilities that I have discovered the symboite can do is their absorption. Due to their bonding, it allows them to absorb pretty much anything for various types of usage. However, the original dna would overwrite the basis absorption meaning two things. The first is that typically the absorbed powers are only a tenth of strength of the original's. The second is that the absorption is not permanent except in special cases. Such transfers lasted for 100 times longer than the contact time, meaning that if you absorbed energy from some bird or whatever for five seconds thus only gaining its powers for roughly eight minutes. The amount of energy a symboite can absorb at once, as well as the extremeness of the mutation, depends on his experience. When a dyren becomes advanced enough, can grant whatever he absorbed to others through drawing iconic symbols. This is usually done through tattooing images onto others. These tattoos then give whatever power he believes them to bestow. They are not permanent and will fade eventually over time. In order to use the ability the symboite uses it's fangs to bite the victim in the neck area. I categorize the absorbtion in three different ways."

"The first and foremost is energy in it's bare form. This allows them to manipulate technology, discharge it as an energy blast, stun targets, or manipulate it as a shield, increase your psychical strength and speed. Absorbed energy will be used up over time or through excessive use. However, if a symboite absorbs too much the energy will cause you to become mentally unstable. Storing energy for long periods of time will worsen this instability."

"The second category is are able to absorb and synthesize the mass, properties, and chemical makeup of matter to change the body into a living matter in the shape; the absorbed matter is as durable as the matter used to make it and can enhance their strength and durability. They will also be able to extend absorbed matter to anything they are touching. He can can repair objects composed of the same matter they have absorbed by synthesizing a liquid version of that substance and hardening it again. As well as can manipulate whatever substance they are touching by absorbing it and morphing it into any shape or form. After absorbing matter, you can manipulate the atomic structure to grow extensions on their body and shapeshift their limbs into various weapons, tools, and forms at will. This is different from making solid weapons from it's own mass which technically is flesh and bone."

"And the third and possibly favorite category is absorbing the DNA, metabolism, and life force of other life forms, they can use it as nourishment to replenish his chakra, and regenerate what would otherwise be fatal wounds. This can grant them the targets memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings to accommodate the absorbed information. The body will undergo a slight mutation (or none at all, depending on the powers they have absorbed and skill) to accommodate the absorbed abilities. The victim loses those abilities and memories for exactly the amount of time that symboite possesses them. This absorption usually leaves the victim weakened, and sometimes renders them unconscious. Their powers may also be temporarily weakened or removed. If done long enough, it seems to drain their blood/flesh; often turning the targets body into dust. They can gain an entire persons soul if it were to fully absorb them. If they do gain access to the soul, he can control the souls in a matter similar to zombies. The souls of the hosts are kept alive within the user, leaving them "still alive," in a sense (albeit suppressed). If he is hit by a fatal would or dies, he could trade a soul in exchange for their own."

"Like I said before to achieve the symboie's own powers you must don the costume of the creature which will cause a shift in your appearance. I do not know how you will look. The shifter transformation from humanoid to beast form is actually a defense mechanism. Thats where requirement for injury comes in. However, it is required for a goal to also come in because you would then transform every single time you got a bruise. So in order to don the suit, you must injure yourself to where it draws blood."

"Each symbiote has their own unique ability. It is said that a host will have a gift based on a particularly intense skill or characteristic, it heightens and the strongest trait of this is brought once the bonding is complete. No gift ever works in the exact same way in two symbites, because no living thing person is ever exactly the same. And I believe that you will just have to figure out what yours is."

But that is enough about abilities for now it is time I tell you about weaknesses. And speaking of healing while it is phenomenal you can still die from age, illness, poison, lack of oxygen, venom, toxic substances, you will die if something eats you or if your body is crushed to death into nothing more but a bloody pulp that will kill you. And once again, the back of your neck. You will heal normal if shot or stabbed, but if it is cut out then game over. And remember that you must intake a constant supply of phenethylamine. You also need plenty of sleep, call that father intention. Also a full costume transformation takes an extremely large amount of stanima, but according to my senses that shouldn't be much of a problem."

"Your healing abilities take quite a bit of energy from you and due to this it best be that you do not get reckless. You are still sustiple to energy exhaustion and will give out if you go all out. So it's best that just because you can doesn't mean that you should if you get my meaning. Also, from you are extremely weak to anything that is demonic or holy. This includes locations, artifacts and weapons or even things that have been blessed/cursed. Your sixth sense will often give you a feeling that you should flee and if that is the case then you should flee. You see an injury from anyone of these weapons will heal extremely slowly and on top of that they cause ten times more damage to you then if they were used on a regular human or example. So a simple cut from a blessed sword could very well be a life threatening stab. You can not go anywhere near locations unless you want to undego a partial transformation so it's best you stay clear of them."

"Here is what I mean by abandoning your humanity. If a person spends too much time using this power and they don't know how to control it a lot of bad things will happen. The first is that the power seems to eat away at the users very own soul thus shortening their lifespan and turning them into little more then a rabid beast. The second is that the stronger the symboite becomes, the symboite seems to release a special chemical hormone that damages their brain. So with great power comes more insanity.

Now the symboite itself is vulnerable by intense sounds and intense sonic waves - especially large fires of guns. Damage can range from a headache to paralization to bleeding of the ears and brain which does not heal as fast as other injury. When summoning the suit, you will have this weakness also and it is important to notice the threat."

The effects on physical appearance from hosting a symboite. They include the following;

-Sharpened teeth and more profound canines

-Sharpened nails.

-Pointed ears

-Glowing eyes


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