Dyna-Man is the first sequel to Go Rangers, the American remake of Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Despite the series' title, this series is actually an adaptation of Denzi Sentai Denjiman rather that Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.


Many years ago, Dyna-Star was attacked by the Vader Clan, an invasion force led by Queen Setra. In a catclysmic battle, the Vader Clan is sealed with Dyna-Star. In the present day, the Vader Clan is freed and attacks Earth. The five descendants of the original Dyna-Men who fled to Earth become the new Dyna-Men to protect Earth from suffering the same fate as Dyna-Star and avenge their people.


The Dyna-Men are named after the Turbo/In Space team.

Zhane: Dyna Red. He takes the fight to avenge Dyna-Star to heart.

Tommy: second Dyna red

Andros: third Dyna red

TJ: Dyna Blue. The joker of the group, but sincere about his heritage.

Cassie: second Dyna blue

Justin: Dyna Yellow. The youngest of the group.

Tanya: second Dyna yellow

Carlos: Dyna Green. Cares deeply for his team mates.

Ashley: Dyna Pink. She does not intially accept her destiny.

Dyna-Princess Cestria: The sole survivor of the original massacre, she remained in suspended animation until the day that the Vader Clan broke free. She then gathered the team and granted them their powers.

Vader Clan

King Hades: Actually based on Fuhrer Taboo from Dai Sentai Goggle Five. He was the original guardian of Dyna-Star but betrayed the people and allowed the Vader Clan to invade. The five original Dyna-Men then sealed him behind a wall on the Vader's flagship. He escapes this prison in the final episode and battles the Dyna-Men. Using the Dyna-Robo, they impale Hades through his one-eye and kill him. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Queen Setra: She has a deeply warped perception of beauty and seeks to pollute the Earth in order to invade. She flees from her exploding flagship in the finale and cryogenically freezes herself. She returns in the next series, Beast Force.

General Shrapnel: Expert swordsman with a deep affection for his queen. He dies in a vain attempt to save her life from the Dyna-Man at the end of the series.

General Saddam: Ruthless tyrant who is deeply corrupted. He plans to take leadership for himself and duels Shrapnel for it. After he is banished, he returns to kidnap Princess Cestria and hold her to ransom. He threatens to kill her in an explosion if the Dyna-Men do not surrender. In the end, the bomb goes off and Saddam is killed.

Mirra and Shanda: Twin sisters, Mirra wears gold-plated armour and Shanda wears silver. Saddam lusts after Mirra. They were abducted by him when they were very young and their parents were slaughtered. They were then raised as deadly warriors. They later defect, but Shrapnel captures Shanda and gives her cybernetic implants. Mirra and Shanda have a final battle against each other, and Shanda eventually overrides her programming. They hijack a Vader fighter jet and fly it into the flagship in one final act of treachery and revenge before they die holding each other's hands.

Bonemen: The Vader Clan's footsoldiers.


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After the finale of Dyna-Man, the Dyna-Men appeared in a TV movie crossover with the Go Rangers. It features the two teaming up to take down the shadowy organization C.R.I.M.E.

After the end of Beast Force, the Dyna-Men appeared in a team-up special to battle the Underground Empire Egos.

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