Dylan Vs NOS-4-A2

Dylan Vs NOS-4-A2 is a 51 minute long Animated American Science Fiction Horror Action Adventure direct-to-video film directed by Colin Trevorrow. This film also have some special effects to make some characters appear like supernatural, even though they're not supernatural, but have supernatural-like abilities.


Dylanuses including Dylan, Black, and Emma, were taking a vacation in England, where they saw something strange hovering near the closest castle to them. As they discovered, they saw NOS-4-A2, an evil immortal robotic energy vampire. As NOS-4-A2 had started terrorizing England and could potentially take over the world, the dylanuses will have to fight to end the robotic vampire's reign of terror otherwise they'll become robotic vampires themselves.


This films received generally positive reviews from most of its critics and fans, being about 87% positive.

PG-13 For

  • Profanity - None
  • Violence - Fights are sometimes brutal
  • Sexual Content - None
  • Drug Use - None except one scene where a human is drinking wine in a restaurant
  • Scary And Frightening Images - Nos-4-A2 can be frightening to younger children, some characters had turned into frightening robotic energy vampires
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