Dylan The Dylanus: The Rise of Corey Mc-Joe is a Movie.


Dr. Hamman wanted revenge so he find a Corey Mc and help take Down Dylan the Dylanus. The ending is Biolizard X trying to destroy the planet, both Corey Mc-Joe and Dylan team up to stop that Biolizard X.


  • Mark Wahlberg as Ned the Dylanus, who is Dylan's, Black's, and Emma's dad.
  • Steve Coogan as the human mayor of Dylanusland named Alexander Norman
  • Colm Meaney as a voice for Dr. Hamman's ultimate machine
  • Kirk Thornton as Corey Mc-joe the Corey Mc
  • Unknown as Biolizard X


Dylan vs Corey Mc-joe

  • Dylan: Who are you?! You brown-haired, blue eyed Irish-Polish man thing, Come out!!! Show yourself!
  • Corey Mc-Joe: You know that human racism & that's not my division of a class & that's not my animal kind!
  • (Corey Mc-Joe punches Dylan in the face)
  • Corey Mc-Joe: I'm a Corey Mc & the name's Corey Mc-joe
  • Dylan: I see, so you're behind this. Know I. I see what's really going on. Talk now YOU creature!
  • (Corey Mc-Joe teleport to on top of the building)
  • Dylan: What?! Where is he?!
  • Corey Mc-joe: Up here. I'm the world's ultimate life form.
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