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Dylan The Dylanus: The Movie is an 2010 American Action Adventure Comedy CGI Live Action film that is distributed by Warner Brothers and produced by New Line Cinemas. It is directed by Steven Spielberg as a remake of a series with the same name.


Dylan, Black, and Emma have moved into a town of Dylanusland, where they have protected both dylanuses and humans. But then a new threat has come, a villian named Dr. Ham-man is threatening Dylan, his siblings, and their town (indluding its inhabitants), so Dylan and his siblings must stop this new threat or they'll face negative consequences from the villian.


  • Mark Wahlberg as Ned the Dylanus, who is Dylan's, Black's, and Emma's dad.
  • Steve Coogan as the human mayor of Dylanusland named Alexander Norman
  • Stephen Amell as Josh Godwall, a giant-size human who's about 8.4 feet tall and is strong.


This film recieved positive reviews from most of its fans, with Rotten Tomatoes reported that 94.5% of the movie goers loved the movie. It was awarded as the best movie of 2010, having beaten How To Train Your Dragon and other award winning films.

Songs Featured In The Film

  • Micheal Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Someting (in the first, second, and third Trailer only)
  • Micheal Jackson's Somebody's Watching Me (in the opening of the movie)
  • Journey's Don't Stop Believin (in the love sequence of the movie)
  • Europe's Final Countdown (in the last scene of the movie, where Dylan and Emma get married)
  • Jason Derulo's Watcha Say (in the first part of the end credits)

Rated PG-13 For

  • Action Violence
  • Some Frightening Images
  • Mild Language (including two use of s**ts and two uses of *sses)
  • Some Sexual-Related Stuff (although no sex scenes were shown in the movie)