This is Dylan, and he is 20 years old, he thinks that he is the stupidest person on Earth because of what he had done. He tattooed his girlfriend's name on his chest, a REALLY HUGE TATTOO, well this is when his idiotic story started. He had been dating his girlfriend Ellie for 2 years, they met when he made tricks with his BMX bike without touching his hands on the handle, but he made a weird turn and almost hit her. Ellie was so angry and his best friend Timothy was laughing, soon both of them kind of started dating. A little while after the relationship Dylan felt as Ellie was trying to distance from him, possibly because he had not done something, kind of, romantic, so he came up with a idiotic idea because he loved her very much and wanted to marry her and have kids. So, his idea was that he went to a friend who was an expert with Tattoos, and so he tattooed his girlfriend's name on it. Afterwards he went to Ellie and she looked sad, so he shown her his tattoo and she was shocked and started crying.

At first, he thought that he was shocked for the tattoo, but the reality was.... She cheated on him with his best friend, and he was sad. He cried for weeks until one day, his friend brought him to a party at a bar. It was the first time he talked to anyone in these 2 weeks, but that same night when he went out to take some air, he had seen a girl roughly the same age as him started talking to him, she had hiccups and tried to avoid them, after they talked Dylan asked for her name. And you knew it.... HER NAME IS ELLIE! They shared numbers and Instagram soon they started dating, they kissed on the second one, he planned to do something with his tattoo. She wanted to see it, after a month she really wanted to see it so Dylan showed it, she had the same reaction as the other Ellie or Ellie Number 1 as he called her. She froze in horror and she got overwhelmed, and she left. After a week she called Dylan and wanted to be with him, he was happy but kinda anxious, because this whole tattoo was a LIE! They dated for 2 more months and, you know what, he actually loved Ellie at that time and could not imagine that she, for him, was better than Ellie Number 1, and you may think that they will get married and have kids for their rest of their life.... Well, YOU'RE WRONG!

Because one day they both went to their friends party and Ellie Number 1 and Timothy were there. Dylan tried his best to avoid Ellie Number 1 and Ellie Number 2 didn't know why he acted strange at that time. So he decided that when Ellie Number 2 went to the bathroom he would try to approach Ellie Number 1. This started later on at the party, he approached Ellie number 1 but something crazy happened, Ellie almost kissed him when suddenly Ellie Number 2 joined in with horror.


She shouted at Ellie Number 1, then Ellie Number 1 answered


Ellie Number 2 shouted yet again

NO! I'm Ellie!!!

Then there were 10 seconds of awkward silence, but for Dylan it seemed 10 hours. The Ellies looked at him, then at each other, then at his chest.

He tried to say something that would fix that problem, but suddenly.... BAM! Ellie Number 1 splashed her drink in his face and left, after 5 seconds of silence.... BAM AGAIN! Ellie Number 2 this time splashed her drink in his face and left in tears, but as every smart adult, he went back home to think of something that would fix the problem, NO HE DIDN'T but instead, he went to that same guy who did that tattoo and modified it, this time saying "I HATE ELLIES". He tried to be less stupid and paying more attention to his studies in College. But of course, the only time he went out HE DID SOMETHING STUPID! He went to visit Ellie Number 2, but during the date she unbuttoned Dylan's jacket and saw his tattoo.... She got ANGRY and Dylan tried to explain everything but it was too late she already started throwing his things out of his window. Ellie lived on the third floor so Dylan's laptop got destroyed. He is saving money to remove his tattoo for good, but sometimes his friends still laugh at this sometimes.

What's the moral of his story? DON'T BE STUPID!!!

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