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Holy Sword of Destruction
Kanji デュランダル
Rōmaji De~yurandaru
Alias/Titles Sword of Destruction
Holy Sword of Destruction
Sword of the Paladin
Sword of Roland
Type Holy Sword
Magical Sword
Magical Weapon
Holder Magic
Holy Sword
User(s) Roland (Formally)
Unknown Users
Emrys "Luna" Ambrosius (Formally)
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon (Formally)
Xenovia (Formally)
Samuel (Stole it from Xenovia)

Durandal is the Holy Sword of Destruction forged by God for the Archangel Gabrel, but soon gave it to the Chief Paladin Roland during the 8th century AD. It was said to be the twin Holy Sword to Caliburn in terms of its nigh-indestructible.


  • Holy Magic - Has an Holy Sword, Durandal can unleashed devastating amount of holy energy, that can mortally harm an High-Class Demon to even a Satan-Class.
  • Light Magic - Durandal is capable of unleashing immense amount of light energy, that can destroy Low-Class to High-Class Demons. This is also used to purify the darkness inside a creatures soul, so this is immensely effective against darkness-based creatures.
  • Nigh-Indestructible - Durandal, alongside Caliburn, us nigh-indestructible, Capable on enduring immense amounts of damage with no scratches on it.


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