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|Row 1 title = Cillian (s)
|Row 1 info = [[Eleventh Cillian Darcy]]
|Row 2 title = Companion (s)
|Row 2 info = Lindsey
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|Row 3 info = Twilight
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|Row 4 info = The Dazzlings}}Duo of Time is the First Episode of the Eternal Dooms Arc and the Debut of Jenna Coleman as [[Lindsey James]] as Cillian's companion and lover
During Lindsey's trial
In the court room in rochdale, Lindsey's mum is on trial, and Lindsey stormed out in tears, she run down the corridor, third on the left.
Miss?" said Michaela.
Michaela. I don't know what you two were thinking, coming here today." said Rachel.
"We didn't know. I thought it was gonna be a laugh. Miss, I feel so awful." said Michaela who's felt bad for lindsey.
It's a really awful situation, but you two need to get back to school now, OK? Right now." said Rachel. "And, remember, what was said in there today was not meant to be shared with you, so if either of you ever mention a word of what you heard." 
At the room, Lindsey's upset and heard the sound of the TARDIS materalised outside. She walked outside of the court and looked at mysterious blue box. She decided to walk to the Blue Box and decided to open the door to the inside.
"Well what've we here..?" said Cillian. 
Lindsey walked inside and look around the inside of the blue box which Cillian's smiles. She walks towards him and he walks towards her. Face-to-Face.
"Hello again." said Cillian who smiles and click the fingers. 
Lindsey saw him click his fingers and saw the door closes. She's confuses about the inside.
"It's not right how did you...?" said Lindsey who cant finished her question.
"You okay?" asked Cillian.
"What..?" said Lindsey.
"Cause in this place, sometimes you feel a bit... you know." Said Cillian.
"Yeah, Yeah, i'm fine." said Lindsey.
"Well? Anything you want to say? Any passing remarks? I've heard them all." said Cillian.
"What's this place? Where are we? Asked Lindsey.
"It's called the Tardis. It can travel anywhere in time and space. And it's mine." Cillian who answered Lindsey.
"Shut up." said Lindsey.
"I Know." said Cillian.
"Why come to me?" asked Lindsey.
"I come to ask you something." said Cillian.
"Most People Knock." said Lindsey.
"Am I people? Do I even look like people?" asked Cillian.
Lindsey shugged which is confused.
"I come here to tell you to... come with me." said Cillian.
"Where?" asked Lindsey.
"Wherever you like!" said Cillian who's offering Lindsey to travel with him.
"No, i can't leave rochdale, i'm on trial today." said Lindsey who declined Cillian's offer.
"Oh Shut up, I have a TARDIS!" Said Cillian.
"It's a machine." said Lindsey.
"It's a time machine, you can run away all you like and still be home in time for tea, so what do you say?" said Cillian. "or you want to come with me as a bride, Lindsey?"
"C...Cillian Darcy?" asked Lindsey who finally remembers his personality.
"Hi Linds." said Cillian who smiles.
Lindsey smiles and he smiles as he sets the co-orindates and the TARDIS begin to dismateralises which Lindsey joins as his new companion. Rachell saw the TARDIS dismateralising with Lindsey inside. She run outside right before it's leaving."
"LINDSEY!!!" Yelled Rachel.
The TARDIS is gone and Rachel walks back inside.
Inside of the TARDIS, Lindsey looked around of the TARDIS.
"W..Why..Why is it a phone box?" asked Lindsey.
"Sorry what?" said Cillian.
On the outside, it said "Police Box".
"Why have you labelled a time machine "Police Box"? Why not "Time Machine" Is that too obvious? And what is a police box? Do policemen come in boxes?" asked Lindsey who's confused about the TARDIS. "Look at your hair. Actually, just look at your hair!" 
"It's disguised as a police telephone box from 1963." said Cillian who explains Lindsey. "Every time the Tardis materialises in a a new location, within the first nanosecond of landing, it analyses its surroundings, calculates a dimensional data map of everything within a -mile radius, and determines which outher shell would blend in best with the enviroment."
"So you can travel anywhere in Time and Space?" asked Lindsey.
"Yep, okay then Lindsey James, time for you to choose on your adventure, where you wanna go?" said Cillian.
"Oh man, i should probably go to the toilet first, no wait i can hold it. Okay. So. So. So. So I'd like to see. I would like to see. What I would like to see is, something awesome." said Lindsey.
Cillian sets a co-orindates for Lindsey to see something awesome. He walks outside with Lindsey with her eyes closes. 
"Okay, Lindsey, you can open your eyes now." said Cillian. 
Lindsey open her eyes and saw an asterorid belt circling a massive star.
"Welcome to the Rings of Akhaten." said Cillian who's excited, he pointed his finger at a golden pyramid glinting on a rock closer to the sun". "That's the Pyramid of the Rings of Akhaten. It's a holy site for the Sun Singers of  Akhat ,Seven worlds orbiting the same star. All of them sharing a belief that life in the universe originated here, on that planet."
"You have a smart brain Cillian." said Lindsey. 
"That chap's a Terraberserker of the Kodion Belt. You don't see many of them around any more. Oh! That's an Ultramancer. Do you know, I forget how much I like it here. We should come here more often." said Cillian.
"You've been here before?" Asked Lindsey.
"Yeah I came here a long time ago with the Warrior incarnation of the Doctor, I was in my original body when i unable to regenerate." said Cillian. 
"What?" said Lindsey who running after him
While Cillian and Lindsey continuing walking.
"So you mean you can regenerate fourteen times while the time lords regenerate 12 times?!" asked Lindsey.
"Fourteen regenerations equel fifteen live." said Cillian who answered Lindsey's question. "It's a gift for battling the dangerous and deadly villains.
"And Cillian, What about the Inside of the TARDIS
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