A Shires+ adaption to The Original Film.



Live Action People


  1. The Seagulls are written out of the film due to their racial stereotyping in the original film. So instead, An Original Character Named Flint the Flying Squrriel Sings “This is How You Fly”.
  2. Dumber’s Voice was the Only One Who got unchanged. The only difference was that his singing voice changed, but his speaking and vocal effects did not.
  3. We reveal how the babies in the film are made as The New Movie is longer. Mr. Pelican also has A Boss Named Captain Babybottle. We also reveal that Mr. Pelican is a misfit flyer, since all the rest of the baby delivering employees are storks. We also see him again in the end of the film as Captain Babybottle tells Mr. Pelican That Dumber is one of his best deliveries yet, which we don’t see in the original film.


  • Despite the fact that Dumber is the main character, the marketing focuses more on Mrs. Jumber, Elephant Madeline, The Bingmaster, and The Seagulls.
    • This could be because the celebrities have smaller roles then the main character so Shires doesn’t use a large budget.
  • Pearl sounds like Twilight Sparkle.
  • Cathy sounds like Webby (2017).
  • Following the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, this will be the first Shires film to have a theatrical release since Queensland's Attached.
  • Originally intended to be released in theaters, the film was moved to a release on Shires+ as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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