Duma Key is a 2015 American Thriller film written and directed by Frank Darabont based on Stephen King's critically adored 2008 Horror Novel of the same name

The film stars Harrison Ford, Chad Michael Murray, Taylor Kinney, Daniel M. Hasan, Karen Lynn Gorney, Jessica Chastain, Malese Jow, Mädchen Amick, Nick Offerman, Todd Louiso and Samantha Mathis.

It features Andy Serkis portraying the antagonist creature Persephone when it is in creature form and rather not taking the form of another character for which then it is portrayed by that character's actor/actress.


A man named Edgar Freemantle survives a Minneapolis Car Crane accident but is left with minor brain damage.

The damage leaves Edgar in states of blackouts in which he unleashes uncontrollable rage and suicidal thoughts which leads to a particular incident with his life which lands him in a divorce.

On the ever so helpful advice of psychologist Dr. Kamen Edgar takes a long due vacation to a Salmon Point Island named Duma Key where he strikes up residence in a bright pink holiday home overlooking a coastal beach.

He becomes acquainted with the locals which includes a young college freshman boy named Jack Cantori, a former lawyor whom is much like him named Jerome Wireman, two nearby families, a woman named Mary Ire and the propietor of most of the island of Duma Key named Elizabeth Eastlake: an elderley patron whom possesses mild Alzheimer's Disease.

He is given vague warnings by Elizabeth upon meeting her with his visiting daughter IIse that daughters don't do well on the island of Duma Key.

Edgar ignores her warnings and taps them off to be rantings coming from her Alzheimers has he makes a nice set up with his vacationing daughter painting and settling into Duma Key.

Then comes the murders.

And other strange events which seem to mirror what Edgar is painting prior.

Edgar uncovers paranormal abilities coming out of drawings, sketches and consequent paintings which are linked to an ancient primordial evil titled Perse.

Edgar races the clock with his daughter, the suicidal lawyor and the young college freshman helper to set things right before he too along with his daughter and the others fall victim to the ancient evil Perse.


  • Harrison Ford as Dr. Xander Kamen
  • Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Freemantle
  • Taylor Kinney as Jerome Wireman
  • Daniel M. Hasan as Jack Cantori
  • Karen Lynn Gorney as Elizabeth Eastlake
  • Jessica Chastain as Mary Ire
  • Malese Jow as IIse Freemantle
  • Mädchen Amick as Kathleen Tumnus
  • Andrea Riseborough as Pamela Freemantle
  • Nick Offerman as Peter Tumnus
  • Maisie Williams as Rebecca Tumnus
  • Noah Ringer as Jackson Tumnus
  • Bobby Coleman as Wexford Tumnus
  • Todd Louiso as Jardine Rosen
  • Melissa McCarthy as Katharine Rosen
  • Kathryn Newton as Jeanie Rosen
  • Uriah Shelton as Timothy Rosen
  • Samantha Mathis as Corner Shop Propietor Bethany Tumnus
  • Andy Serkis as Perse


  1. Uninvited- Alanis Morissette
  2. Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin
  3. I Love The Dead- Alice Cooper
  4. Steven- Alice Cooper
  5. Revolution #9- The Beatles
  6. Opera of the Frogs- E-D Newgrounds
  7. Dark Ages- Karl Newman
  8. North By Northwest- Bernard Herrmann
  9. Gabriel's Oboe- Ennio Morricone
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