Dt. Nicholas 'Nick' Carly Matthew's friend and partner.


  • Brandon Carly - Twin Long-Lost Brother.
Dt. Nicholas Carly
Biographical Information
Status: Alive (presumed killed by)
Rank / Title: Officer
Date of Birth: September 8, 1978 (Age 24)
Gender: Male (possibly)
Occupation: Bully of Amanda Carter.

NYPD Police Officer

Physical Description
Gender: Male (possibly)
Family: Unnamed Great Grandparents (deceased)

Capt. James Carly (widowed gay father)

Season(s): Death from Dead (TV Series) (unreleased)
Last appearance: Untitled Silde by Swifted (Film) (last appearance)
Appears in: Killed from a Hacked (mentioned; photo)

Untitled Silde by Swifted (Film) (unreleased)

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