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Druggin' With Hayley is a 2014 Studio Album by Cyverdin singer Darby O' Murray The album was released in 6th July 2014 by Universal Music CV in cyverdemyan, and fox music elsewhere.

It was recorded from 2013-2014. and was described as "a bitter-sweet melody of cover songs of popular ballads which sound simmilar to hayley smith's cyverdin voice"

The Album has been featured on the Mewse Top 10 charts upon it's release. and re-charted as number 1, 3 months after Darby's death.

it's avaliable on CD, digital download, and vinyl.

track listing:

  1. I need your love (acoustic version: originally from Madylin Bailey and Jake Coco)
  2. Nothing Compares 2U (original by prince/sinhead O'Conor) (ft. Flynn o' Murray)
  3. Dear my family (original by SMTOWN and Yoo Young Jin)
  4. Hero (original by Mariah Carey)
  5. Yakusoku (addewid) (original by Chihaya from idolm@ster
  6. Letter song (original by doriko/Hastune miku)
  7. Tears In Heaven (original by Eric Clapton)
  8. My immortal (original by Evanescence)
  9. Without You (original by Mariah Carey)
  10. Total Eclipse of the heart (original by Bonnie Tyler)