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Druggin' With Hayley is a 2021 Studio Album by Cyverdin singer Darby O' Murray The album was released on 7th April 2021 by Universal Music CV in cyverdemyan, and fox music elsewhere.

It was the Last Album by Darby O'Murray before her death in 2021, originally: it was gonna be called "druggin' with hayley three" until she died: her parents released it a few days after her death with the original release date being "6th june 2021" and a slight cover change with hayley now mourning the loss of Her Cyverdin voice actress

The album has been featured on mewse's top 5 charts in 2021 and described as "a kiss goodbye from Hayley before her death, Too soon girl, too soon"

it's avaliable on CD, digital download, and vinyl.

track list:

~ means got its own MV

  1. I was there When U were (original by SM the ballad) (ft. Kenny Doyle)
  2. When I Was Your Man (original by Bruno Mars)
  3. Letter Song-Answer (original By Doriko)~ (portrayed as Current Hayley in The MV)
  4. Always (original by Atlantic Starr) (ft. Dylan Junior)
  5. Remember (original by S.E.S)
  6. I SURRENDER (original by Celine Dion) (ft. Ami Marquez)
  7. All Cried Out (original by Allure) (ft. Klaus Wham)
  8. SWEET SWEET SWEET (original by Dreams come true)
  9. Russian Roulette (original by Rihanna)
  10. Don't Leave Home (original by Dido)
  11. Broken-Hearted Girl (original by Beyoncé)
  12. Bound To You (original by Christina Aguilera)
  13. Blind (original by SM the ballad)
  14. run to you (original by whitney houston)
  15. Lover (original by taylor swift)
  16. Didn't We Almost Have It All (original by whitney houston)~
  17. Please Forgive Me ( Original By Bryan Adams)
  18. You're Still The One (original by Shania Twain)
  19. I Will... (original by S.E.S)
  20. I have a voice (original by Broadway Kids)