Drowning Pool is a 2015 Australian Psychological Slasher Horror film written and directed by Greg McLean starring Hugh Jackman, Sophie Lowe, James Frecheville, Hugh Sheridan, Marissa Gibson, Rachael Taylor and Jessica Marais.

The film is slated for a large theatrical release come August 23rd, 2015 and is produced by Jackman who heads up the cast as a lead.

The film's shooting is to done in the small Australian, Victoria rural centre Warragul and surrounding towns such as Drouin, Nilma, Longwarry and the beginning sequence in a small off rural area called Ellinbank absent of shops. 


Five youths led by passive aggressive Tameka Jade (Marissa Gibson) proceed to take place in a prank on another nasty student the night of the debutante ball at the out of the way after-party taking place at a small hall.

Things go horribly wrong as the student accidentally is frightened into a hard fall and falls into the hall's outdoor pool, to which the student inevitably drowns in.

A cab driver called to pick up another set of teenagers from the party waiting outside whilst on the phone to his wife witnesses the entire incident and does not report it, leaving the death to be ruled as an accidental drowning by the authorities.

In the months following the five youths and the cab driver who witnessed the incident are stalked and terrorized before being killed off one by one as they scramble to uncover the identity of the killer and grapple with the decision to inform the police about the manslaughter that took place.


  • Hugh Jackman as Russell Newton
  • Sophie Lowe as Elise Jannell
  • James Frecheville as Samuel Fort
  • Hugh Sheridan as Daniel Michaels
  • Marissa Gibson as Tameka Jade
  • Rachael Taylor as Steph Ostojin
  • Jessica Marais as Jasmine Endleton
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