Dress Perfect is a 2020 comedy/romance film made by Columbia Pictures. It will be premiere in January 14, 2020.



Megan Fox as Cassidy Blimes, the daughter of Jen and her late father, Lucas' ex-girlfriend and Byron's love interest/girlfriend.

Sofia Vegara as Jen Blimes, the mother of Cassidy and CEO of Blimes Fashion Company.

David Henrie as Lucas Holmes, Cassidy's ex-boyfriend and Wilmala's boyfriend.

Luke Benward as Byron Vito, Cassidy's love interest/boyfriend and Wilmala's ex-boyfriend

Miley Cyrus as Wilmala James, Cassidy's rival from high school Lucas' girlfriend and Byron's ex-girlfriend.

Joey Bragg as Stephen Jones, Wilmala's assistant and henchman.

Tessa Thompson as Donna Hill, Wilmala's friend from high school where Cassidy used to attend to.

Vanessa Williams as Whitney Graham, Byron's lawyer.

Whoopi Goldberg as Janice Graham, Whitney's mother.

J.G. Quintel as Roland Graham, Whitney's foster brother.

Jim Broadbent as Robert Holmes, Lucas' father and Carla's husband.

Susan Sarandon as Carla Holmes, Lucas' mother and Robert's wife.

Angelina Jolie as Rose Marshall, Susanne's daughter.

Bette Midler as Susanne Marshall, Rose's mother and CEO of Marshall Fashion Special Company.

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