Drepanosaurus (SciiFii)
Drepanosaurus californicus (name meaning "California ‬sickle claw") is a species of arboreal (tree-dwelling) diapsid reptile that originally lived during the Triassic Period in what is now midwestern United States and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction and now lives in the Triassic Dinosaurs section of Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. Drepanosaurus californicus is known for its prehensile tail used for clinging onto the thick and even the thin branches. Drepanosaurus californicus is an insectivore, mainly feeding on beetles, crickets, ants, termites, cockroaches, and other arthropods. It has a similar lifestyle and lifecycle to geckos and chameleons, being normally solitary in most of its life, only to find a mate of a different gender during mating season. Due to the varied insect diet and being easily cared for in Cretaceous Park, SciiFii has sold some of the park's Drepanosaurus californicus to pet lovers and pet stores who demanded to keep and care for Drepanosaurus californicus as pets, and, since then, Drepanosaurus californicus is a common exotic pet reptile.
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