Dreamtime is a 2020 Australian Psychological Horror film written by Warwick Thornton & Beck Cole directed by Warwick Thornton, marking Thornton & Cole's second film collaboration following their 2009 successful motion picture Samson & Delilah.

It stars Eric Bana, Claudia Black, Margot Robbie, Wayne Blair, Aaron L. McGrath, Callan McAuliffe, Miah Madden and Rebel Wilson.

The story centers around a Caucasian Australian family and associates whose lives are threatened by a shape shifting supernatural entity.

The film was released theatrically on 21st June 2020, National Indigenous Peoples' Day in Australia and worldwide on June 29th, 2020 as well in IMAX on July 1st, 2020 to commercial and critical success.


Told over the span of a decade: from 2010 to present day 2020 various members of the rural Victoria, Australian family the Heysan's and their associates die or vanish mysteriously. Opening with 22 year old Matthew Heysan who leaving community college in the rural town of Ophet, seemingly commits suicide by walking into the path of an oncoming car on a freeway in 2010, sets of Bogong Moths are seen scattering around his body as it hits the pavement.

The Heysan family are seen dealing with the tragedy, Matthew's elder brother and housemate in Ophet Daniel, is consoled by close friends Zac, Angela and Trent. He opens up about having nightmares about the upcoming death. It is revealed following the funeral that Matthew, Daniel, their younger brother Blake and mother Cherise all suffer from a rare genetic form of nocturnal epilepsy, that all are medicated for.

Prior to the death, Cherise and their father Michael had finalized their divorce, following Cherise's affair with new husband Colin, and her descent into alcoholism, as well as Michael's new partnering with city based girlfriend Vivien.

Daniel the night of the service suffers sleep paralysis and sees snakes surround his bedroom.

In 2015 Cherise and Colin's relationship comes to an untimely end as Colin a constable in Ophet is stabbed and killed by a schizophrenic driver he pulls over with his partner. As he dies he sees Cherise clutching a bleeding stomach, sided by a woman. Trent's elder Caucasian sister and godmother Daniel Jacklyn comes to stay with Cherise during the time, dealing with her time off work indulging in day to night drinking. Cherise begins to experience her own hallucinations of a dead Colin sided by three men, confessing to Jacklyn of her affairs with three other men, and Colin's once off retaliation affair with a female colleague.

That night Cherise on the verandah of her and Colin's home succumbs to choking on her own vomit, in front of Jacklyn as the gruesome visage of Colin embraces her. Jacklyn sees the apparition of Colin as Cherise dies in her arms, waiting on the ambulance to arrive. Jacklyn establishes contact with Daniel in the weeks following telling of what she saw and sleep paralysis that followed with vivid hallucinations. She also breaks down to her brother Trent telling of this.

In 2016 Daniel enters a relationship with Melbourne based university student Xavier, their relationship becomes toxic as Daniel's night episodes and hallucinations culminate, following their break-up and a night out with Angela, he is sexually assaulted by a man in his home, who murders him by bashing his head against a kitchen counter top. Angela drunk lets herself in and discovers his body, swarmed in Huntsman spiders.

That same night Angela fleeing from the scene, and her ex-boyfriend Dylan stalking her are killed in a car accident, the apparition of Daniel swarmed in spiders appearing in her backseat prompting the accident.

By 2019 father Michael and remaining son Blake die on holiday on the Gold Coast in Queensland, as Blake and Michael drown at the beach, as the apparitions of Angela, Daniel, Cherise, Colin and Matthew appear at the shore.

In present day 2020, Jacklyn concludes her last session of counselling in Melbourne, and returns home to cardiologist husband Reese. She goes outside for a cigarette, on the phone to Trent, a now painter expecting his first child when the apparitions of Cherise and Daniel appear, locked outside and trying to get in, she ends up smashing through patio doors, dying of blood loss caused by broken glass. Trent after learning of Michael and Blake's drowning on the news connects with Zac, who had been travelling across Indonesia for the past decade. He looks into Wambeen an Aboriginal culture deity of evil that he believes to be responsible and discerns that with the Heysan direct family dead, it will now descend upon those connected to them, beginning with his sister Jacklyn.

He goes through Daniel's contacts and enquires as to else might have been experiencing what his sister and him were experiencing. He lands on former classmate Dana Wilken, a mutual friend of theirs who has been posting about such on facebook and snapchat. He visits her, discovering her now to be a mother, and after staying late, witnesses her and her child die in a sudden housefire, which he escapes as he sees the apparitions of Angela, Daniel, Jacklyn, Cherise and the rest of the Heysan family.

Zac arrives back in Melbourne and travels to Ophet, claiming the same experiences, him and Trent in conjuncture with Trent's father Richard and sister Rose perform a cleansing Dreamtime ritual in the outback after a trip in Zac's car to ward off Wambeen. Ultimately Zac dies getting lost and dying as dingoes attack and tear him apart. Rose completes the ritual as their father self sacrifices by shooting himself, leaving the two to escape in Zac's car, as all the dead spirits join into the form of Wambeen who then vanishes.


  • Eric Bana as Michael Heysan
  • Claudia Black as Cherise Smithen
  • Margot Robbie as Jacklyn Evan
  • Wayne Blair as Richard Ubo
  • Aaron L. McGrath as Trent Evan
  • Callan McAuliffe as Dean Heysan
  • Miah Madden as Rose Ubo
  • Rebel Wilson as Dana Wilken
  • Sam Worthington as Colin Smithen
  • Matt Levett as Matthew Heysan
  • Charles Cottier as Blake Heysan
  • Mia Wasikowska as Angela Reese
  • Tim Pocock as Dylan Laurent
  • Lincoln Lewis as Zachariah Braeden


  1. The Nosebleed Section - Hilltop Hoods
  2. Cheap Thrills - Sia
  3. Inescapable - Jessica Mauboy (Youngbloodz Mix)
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