Dream Team is an Australian-Japanese adult animation television series on Best Two on 1 June 2020. The series was co-commissioned by Best, Inc. and Capcom. The series made its premiere in the United States and the United Kingdom on Best Two, and later Adult Swim.

With the setting inspired by the city of Japanafornia, the series follows two eighteen-year-olds (the main protagonists, yours truly The EAS Mapper who’s name I will not reveal for privacy reasons and an older version (by a year) of Trucy Wright).

Dream Team has received consistently high viewership worldwide, being recognised as one of, if not the watched program in the history of Australian television. The program's production company has developed merchandise and managed the production of a YouTube series (not Premium or that stuff) of music tracks being sung by the protagonists, very much like SpongeDubs with SpongeBob. Dream Team was renewed for a second season almost instantly, which will premiere on in 2021.

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