Dream House is an American horror movie it is a remake of the Chinese movie which was made in 2008. A young woman who is looking for a new house finds her dream home and she will kill anyone who she believes in her way of buying it.


Emma Roberts as Amanda Colson- She is a disturbed rich young woman who kills her competion for the house she wants.

Eric Roberts as Michael Colson- He is Amanda's rich father who tells her she needs to be ruthless to get what she wants.

Josie Ho as Det Linda Chong- She is the Det investigating the brutal murders.

Evan Peters as Jake Willis-He is Amanda's boyfriend he is unaware what lengths his girlfriend will go to get their dream house.

Sophie Marceau as Angelina Perot-She is the owner of the house, she is selling the house because she just got a divorce and wants to leave the memories behind..

Michael Jai White as Captain TJ Jackson- He is Linda's captain and one of the people who wants to buy the house.

Kelly Hu as Joanne King- She is a divorced woman who wants to buy the house.

Justin Hartley as Mike Richards- He is a young artist who is also interested in the house.

Laura Regan as Jill Richards-She is Mike's wife she is in love with the house too.

Nicholas Braun as Billy Reed- He is a co worker of Amanda's and he also wants to buy the house..

Erica Durance as Tina Jacobs- She is the real estate agent.trying to sell the house

Jesse Bradford as David Morris- He is the Richards real estate agent.

Robin Tunney as Lisa Williams- She is a friend of Amanda's from work who accidently witnesses one of her murders.

Kane Hodder as Kurt Cooper- He is a homeless man who becomes the prime suspect in the murders because he is always seen near by after the murders are commited.









Angelina Perot- Amanda pushes her down the steps.

Billy Reed- Amanda hits him with her car and then runs him over.

Joanne King- Amanda stabs her in the eye.

David Morris- Amanda shoots him in the head.

Lisa Williams-Amanda also shoots her after she accidently saw her kill David.

Mike Richards- Amanda stabs him while he is having sex with his wifel

Jill Richards-Amanda slits her throat when she screams after she sees Mike was stabbed.

Michael Colson-Amanda smothers her father with a pillow while he sleeps after they had an argument about her failure to buy the house she wanted.


Jake told Amanda that his company was givng him a promotion and higher pay but they would have to move to Maryland, she said that was fine maybe it was time that they left they had lived here their whole lives and maybe it was time for a change of scenery. She was glad that they were moving because she was worried that sooner or later the police were going to realize that guy homeless Kurt who the police had arrested wasn't the serial killer they were looking for and that they would be reopen the case even though she had done a good job making it appear that he was the killer..

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