Dread: The Descended
About The Game
Developer Team Network
Publisher EA
Engine TN Engine 1.0.
Release Date October 30th, 2007 (Worldwide)
Genre Survival Horror
Modes single player
Rating 7/10
Platform/s Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
In Game
Setting Abandoned Mine
Time Unknown


Dread: The Descended is a survival horror video game by Team Network. Released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox 360.The game features an unnamed protagonist exploring an abandoned mine underground, while avoiding bug like monsters and other obstructions as well as solving puzzles. The game was critically well received, earning two awards from the Independent Games Festival and numerous mixed reviews. It was praised for it's gameplay and story, however many said it was too short. It is also the first game in the Dread series


In a similar vein to the developer Team Network's previous games, Dread is an adventure game played from a first-person perspective. The game retains the physical object interaction, allowing for physics-based puzzles and interactions such as opening doors and fixing machinery. Few in-game objects are operated by toggle; to open a door, for instance, the player must hold down a mouse button and then push (or pull) the mouse. This gives the player stealth, allowing them to peek out a barely-opened door or open it slowly to sneak away, but also adds to the player's sense of helplessness, as it is now entirely possible to attempt to push open a "pull" door whilst danger approaches from behind.

If a monster spots The Protagonist, it will chase him until he's out of sight. If spotted, He must flee, as Dread does not give the player access to weapons till the Houston Segment. The Protagonist must find hiding places or barricade doors with rocks, chairs and other obstacles; however, monsters are capable of tearing down doors in their path and kicking obstacles out of the way, and move extremely fast once they have spotted their prey. Players can also choose to hide in the shadows. Monsters who lose sight of The Protagonist will search for him for a time, but will eventually leave and vanish. They can also choose, preferably while being chased, to pick up an object and throw it to the monster, temporarily stunning the monster for about two seconds and giving The Protagonist some extra distance.


The game begins with the protagonist driving down the road as he monologues the real evil. The protagonist then arrives at the mine and climbs down and begins to explore. He finds several notes that tell the story of a survivor who slowly gives insane. The protagonist finds a radio which he takes. A man suddenly starts communicating with him through it and tells him to go the west area, so he can get the key to release him from a room he's locked in, the man also tells him that his name is Houston. The protagonist arrives a the west area but encounters a giant bug-like creature, the protagonist then stealthily grabs the key and is then chased by the creature to a bridge, which the creature breaks and causes him to fall into the water.

The protagonist wakes up in a room where the crazed miner from the letters attempts to kill him, but he quickly escapes. The protagonist finally arrives at the room where Houston is a let's him out. Houston tells him that the only way to escape is through a house. Houston tells him to follow him, which he does. Houston runs off as the protagonist is spotted by several bug creatures and must hide from them and escapes them. He then proceeds to make his way to the house while attempting to hide from the creatures chasing him. Eventually he finds the house and manages to look through it, but needs to get several keys just to get out of the house. While searching for the keys he finds Houston's dead body, he had been killed with an axe to the throat. The protagonist finds several keys and eventually makes his way out of the house, but finds he was hallucinating and is still in the house. A possessed Houston begins chasing him as he tries to find his way out. Houston finds the protagonist and incapacitates him and throws him into a coffin. Houston then closes the coffin as the protagonist begs to be let out of the coffin.

We then switch to Houston's perspective and he is equipped with an axe. Houston goes around searching for the miner but the bugs chase him. Houston fights back but not all of them could be killed. Eventually Houston finds the miner and chops his arm off, then stabs him in the head with the axe. Houston is about to leave when he sees the protagonist covered in a black substance, who lunges toward Houston and kills him.


The game's music was composed by Mikko Tarmia and released for download on 17 May 2007

Downloadable Content

It is possible to create custom stories for Dread that can then be loaded in the game. Various tools for the TN Engine have been released that allow the creation of own levels, models, particle effects and materials, using an interface similar to Valve's Hammer Editing Software. A prominent example of a custom story is Beneath The Surface: Loch Ness, a fan-made sequel to Team Network's earlier Beneath The Surface series.


Dread: The Descended has received critical acclaim with consistent praise given for the ominous atmosphere and horror elements. However people compared it too the Amnesia series and said that the game was too short


A direct sequel was announced at E3 2011 called Dread: Awakening Evil. The game was released on 1st of July in 2012. The game took a change in mechanics for being more combat focused than hiding for monster. It received more positive reviews for having a great atmosphere and not relying on jumpscares like the first. Critics also said it was longer in story and better. It is said to be the best game in the Dread Series

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