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Drake Wyatt Sullivan (born July 9, 1988) is one of the main protagonists in the TV series, The Sullivans.


Born in Hingham, Massachusetts in July 1988. Drake is the middle child of three children and only son of Ryan Sullivan, a retired criminal court judge and Rachel Sullivan, who died of cancer four years before the start of the series. His older sister Amanda was a prolific defense lawyer who was on her way to becoming a judge like her father until she was killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver six years before the series. His younger sister Lydia is a Chicago Police Dispatcher.

He joined the Marines after high school and went on four tours. He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant and was awarded with many medals and commendations, including a Sliver Star and a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. However, he, like many soldiers, suffered trauma from events in combat. After being honorably discharged and returning home from his final tour after eight years, he struggled with PTSD and lived with his parents until he could get back on his feet.

One night at a bar, he met rookie ADA Katherine Ashford and they hit it off, despite their differing personalities. Then Sharon Carlyle, his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him after his second tour of duty, arrives and they had a conversation. After he took Sharon home, she tried to get him to open up to her about his military experiences, but it triggered his PTSD and he bitterly refused. This led to an argument between them and Sharon decided to go inside her house, but not before giving him advice to start living again and ask for help. He returned to the bar, but found that Katherine had already left and drank himself heavily. Then he fell asleep drunk in his car. The next morning, Drake returned to Sharon's home to apologize, only to find her murdered and was knocked out by someone. The police, including then-Sergeant Eugene Winder and Detective Landon Kruger, arrived after being called by a neighbor. With no solid alibi and circumstantial evidence pointing at him, he was arrested for her rape and murder.

During Drake's trial, he was represented by Amanda. While remanded, Amanda told him that Katherine, who was second chair for the prosecution, knew he was innocent and that certain people in the prosecution were trying to railroad him into a conviction. With help from others, Katherine was able to discover that Sharon's murderer was actually her jealous ex-boyfriend and one of Drake's old friends, Henry Addison and that Henry's father, then-Senator Louis Addison had conspired with corrupt EADA Milo Stetler to ensure Drake's wrongful conviction in order to bury his son's involvement. After being cleared, Winder recommended Drake become a cop after he dealt with his PTSD. Deciding to take Sharon's last advice to him, he accepted the offer and later went to Katherine's apartment to thank her. He then asked her out on a dinner date, which Katherine accepted.

After getting therapy for his PTSD, Drake joined the Denver Police Academy at the same time as Miguel Ruiz. The two became friends at the academy and graduated in the same class. After their rookie years, they eventually became partners on patrol and eventually were promoted to detective in 2023. Miguel and Drake spent a year in the Homicide/Robbery Bureau before eventually transferring to the newly-formed Family Justice Unit.

After three years of dating, Drake and Katherine were happily married. They since had two children, Finn and Mary. Since they started dating, Drake gave Katherine some combat and firearms training in order for her to fend for herself and their family if needed.

The Sullivans

Season 1

During a case of a man abusing his family, Drake and the squad meet new team member Sergeant Nicole Richter. After the case, Drake helps Katherine go over the files of her family's murder. After clearing a late doctor's wife of abuse allegations against her stepchildren and child by her in-laws, Drake is reminded how he was framed and was cleared. After a visit from Katherine's uncle Henry, he learns that her brother Joey is further isolating himself from his family due to the trauma of the death of their parents and two older siblings.

Later, Drake overheard that Joey, under his pseudonym J.T. Asher, is heading to Denver for a book-signing of his latest novel and informed Katherine, who was unsettled by it. After Joey furiously confronted Katherine for hinted their childhood trauma to his girlfriend, Drake defended his wife against her brother as Ryan demanded Joey to leave the premises. Drake, along with Ryan, comfort Katherine after the confrontation. During that time, the FJU investigate the attack of adoptive mother of Wayne Prescott, who has schizophrenia. But while working on the case, the team found a diary has Katherine's father's badge number and the date of her family's murder. She and the others discovered that Wayne was born Wayne Curry, whose father Sam Curry was a NYPD analyst who worked with Katherine's father. Wayne revealed to her, Drake, Sergeant Nicole Richter and the others that Katherine's father came to Sam after an informant was murdered by the assassin known as the "White Tiger" by order of the mob boss Richie Altieri. He revealed that the "White Tiger" also killed his parents, but his father hid the video before he was killed. Before he can revealed where it is, they were attacked by assassins. Although Katherine survived unstarched, Wayne was critically wounded and was told that he died. Weeks later, when Katherine and Ritcher went to go to Wayne's funeral, Drake warns them off from going but then, after a "confusing" mix-up in the morgue, Drake reveals to Katherine and Richter that Wayne is alive, but in a coma and kept hidden for his own safety, out of concern that the White Tiger might finish the job. He reveals that both Cohen and Dr. Fleiss know about it. Although the news upsets both Katherine and Richter, Katherine understands Drake's motivation to protect his family, as well as keep the only one who knows where the video is alive.

Season 2

Drake works with Sergeant Alicia Pearce and her colleagues from Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit over sex trafficking case. During their investigation, they ran into former Texas Ranger and NOPD Captain Colton Renko who was searching for his kidnapped granddaughter. As he and the other FJU detectives interrupted his interrogation, Renko mistaken them for friends of the criminals and fought them in relative ease as Renko kicked the gun off Drake's hand and punched him down. As Andrea briefly held her own until she got knocked down, Drake threw a couple of punches at him until Renko got the upper hand, but reinforcements arrived and the fight ended. Later, thanks to Renko's intel, Drake helped rescue a group of missing girls, including Renko's granddaughter, but struggles of who is behind the ring. As Drake and his family were returning home from vacation, they came to the aid of abused children of oil billionaire John Fitzgerald who murdered their mother. After some difficulty, he, Katherine and their colleagues were able to get evidence to arrest Fitzgerald and save his children from him. Also, Drake discover Mary's new friendship with Audrey Evans. After invited her to dinner, Drake grew to like Audrey but Katherine left concerned about Audrey's adopted father and her past. While investigate a bus shooting which kills three businessmen, Drake clashes with Lieutenant Robert Evans, Audrey's adopted father and the head of Major Crimes who is taking over the case. After learning about Evans' background and confront Andrea about her connection with Evans, Drake and Andrea sets out to find their own lead but they was almost killed by hitmen until they was rescued by their colleagues, Pearce and Evans. Drake begrudgingly thanks Evans, not knowing that Evans has a hidden grudge against Mary and has a complicated history with Andrea.

While dealing with his personal issues (including a fire at the D.A. office which nearly kills Hessa Cohen and Mario Nazario and hearing Mary's video of Evans and Andrea's argument), Drake gets involved in Hannah Wie's situation with her sister Lisa and her abusive husband Jason. Drake helps Hannah to get Jason locked up but tragedy strike, when Jason is let out on bail and beats Lisa up after she finally tells him that she is leaving him. The FJU arrive at the scene, Lisa is taken to the hospital and Jason is arrested after being caught trying to skip town. The Lisa gives birth to a baby girl but tragically dies from the stress of the childbirth and Jason's beating. Drake shows no sympathy to Jason when he gets confirmation about Lisa's death. When Jason inquires about his and Lisa's children including their new baby, Drake angrily attacks him, growling at him not to pretend he cares now, before arresting him for murder. After this tough day, Drake and Katherine comfort each other in her office. Andrea and Jackson then arrive and the former tells Drake and Katherine about her abusive relationship with Evans before revealing herself as Audrey's biological mother. The return to FJU HQ, Drake, Jackson and Andrea tell everything about Evans to Winder, who is shock upon hearing the three detective's admissions. While talking about Evans' meeting with Congressman Dean Ryder, Drake and Alicia have a minor disagreement over the plan, but Katherine tells them to keep this info secret since they don't know who the head of the trafficking ring is yet. Then, Ryan arrives with Finn and Mary, telling Drake and Katherine that Audrey has gone missing. Drake worries that Audrey might have met a similar fate as Lisa, but Katherine assures him not to go there yet.

Later, Drake, Alicia and their teams tail Evans and Congressman Ryder to an abandoned gas station where they meet up with White House Chief of Staff Darren Nelson and Secret Service Agent Reed Williams. Everyone is shocked to discover that Nelson is the head of the human trafficking ring. After the meeting ends, Drake and the FJU follow Evans. While doing so, Drake gets a call from Finn who tells him where the corrupt lieutenant is going: a restaurant in downtown Denver but doesn't tell his father that he and Mary are headed to the same location. Drake and his colleagues head to the restaurant, where they get into in the shooting with the Secret Service agents. After a tense showdown, the team arrests Evans, Ryder, Williams and the agents. Later, Drake and Andrea track Finn, Mary and Audrey in a train station before takes them back to FJU HQ. Drake comfort his children are Katherine arrives. The two praise them for saving Audrey and tipping them off them about the restaurant, but express disappointment and ground them for running off to find Audrey and nearly getting themselves killed in the process. Mary and Finn, the latter begrudgingly, accept their punishment.

Days later, Drake and Katherine move to the Virginia home with their family. While Katherine being assigned to be a member of the prosecuting team, Drake grows obsession into finding more evidences against Evans. He sends Richter, Wayne, C.J. and Francis to Nebraska to investigate about Audrey's past. They tells Drake that Audrey was adopted by young couple Larry and Brenda Donzinger when she was a newborn and was named as "Scarlett". The couple moved to Louisville, but then four months later, the Donzingers died in a car accident which later reveals car accident was caused by their car's brakes failing, but that the accident didn't kill the couple but they believe that Evans killed the couple after they learns he was in Louisville, having seemingly stalked Scarlett/Audrey's adopted parents before their deaths. Winder and Ryan become worried of Drake over his involvement in the case as he continued to find more evidence against Evans.

Season 3



A former Force Reconnaissance Marine turned Denver P.D. Detective. Drake is confident, gritty and headstrong with a strong sense of justice. He is slightly hardened due to his combat experiences oversees, but remains a caring and dedicated man and figure to his colleagues and family. He has a soft spot for children and, due to his own experience, the wrongly accused. Drake often bends the rules when interrogating suspects, as he is often openly intimidating and aggressive towards them, which can either complicate the case or lead to speedy confessions. Like Katherine, he never brings his work home to his children.


  • Service weapon: Glock 17