Soon UDM will be destroyed and a new order resides where the students at UDM aren't categorized.
~ Drake to the protagonist of UDM

I sense great potential in you. The magic I use is very girly, but extremely powerful if you think about it the right way.
~ Drake to the protagonist after she defeats him in a duel

One day, you will have to choose whether to stay in UDM or join my side. That day will come, I assure you!
~ Drake Bloodlust explains to the prtagonist

In the beginning, this planet was a lifeless void. An ultra powerful entity named The Healin' Good Construct then said "Let there be light" and light was given to the land. The entity then saw its subjects treat each other equally and roam free. During this time, she was a kind and benevolent ruler. She would watch over her subjects. Her subjects treated her with kindness and care. Her love poured out, and she used this love to turn into a human named Emile Ray Smith. Emile treated her subjects with tender love and care. That was until she saw UDM - a dreaded school where people are separated based on their magical talents, which enraged her. She then used her water magic to create a great flood that would destroy anything UDM related.
~ Drake tells the protagonist the history of this planet.

Yabasword!!! YESSS!!! I'll rampage as much as I like.
~ Healin' Good Construct use her magic to enlarge Drake Bloodlust

Drake Bloodlust is the main (later secondary) antagonist in the UDM remake. He and his faction plan to purge Upside Down Academy of its rules of categorizing the students based on their magical skills they learn by using a magic that UDM has never heard of.


Drake Bloodlust, despite his violent tendencies, is a person who cares for his allies. He puts his allies first when thinking of plans to destroy UDM. It is revealed that he is working for the Healin' Good Construct in the season 1 finale. Eventually, he allies with the Healin' Good Construct to destroy UDM.


Drake Bloodlust came into UDM (Upside Down Magic) and used the warlike side of the war cry "Kyra" to deliver lethal blows and strikes to the instructors there by using a lot of rapid punches. This left them with broken ribs and displaced teeth. The Dean of UDM exiled him there. However, he vowed to get back the UDM.

He then met a woman named U.U Omory along the way. She too, resented the laws of UDM, saying that it's like segregating the students based on their abilities when in reality, everyone should be treated equally. She then goes with him so they can gather legal documents that they could use to destroy UDM

The two then climbed up a skull mountain to get a powerful ally. They found a Undead Dragon residing at the top of the mountain. The dracolich revealed that the bony mountain was a test to prove that the master is worthy. Eventually Wyrm Skuld told Drake and U.U Omory that they were worthy to be his friend.


  • Yabasword is Drake's catchphrase. This foreshadows that he will follow someone, which is revealed to be the Healin' Good Construct.
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