Dragons Are An Extinct Species Of Avian Reptiles That Lived From The Early To Late Cretaceous


Dragons Are One Of The Only Reptiles To Have Wings Instead Of Upper Arms (Alongside Pterosaurs) They Have Short Bony Horns That Where Used To Either Defend Themselves Or Impress Females The Dragons Also Have Long Tails That Can Grow To Be As Long As 6 Feet.

Male Dragons Can Grow To Be 19 Feet Tall While Females Can Grow To Be 21 Feet, When Dragons Are Born They Are Usually The Size Of An Average Toddler, Once In Adolescent/Teenage Stage They Can Grow To Be Half The Size Of A Male Dragon.


A Dragons Diet Contained Of Anything It Could Get It’s Jaws On, However They Mainly Fed On Dinosaurs Such As Hadrosaurs,Ceratopsians,Dromeosaurids,Tyrannosaurs,And Even Other Dragons.



Scientist Believe That Dragons Had An Organ Called A “Flight Bladder“ And Light Bones So It Could Possibly To Fill There Body With Enough Air Or Hydrogen To Lift Themselves Into The Air And Use There Wings For Extra Support.

Fire Breathing

Though This Might Seem Impossible It Could Have Been Possible, The Bombardier Beetle Is An Example Of Creatures Using Pyrotecnics To Defend Themselves, The Bombardier Beetle Can’t Breath Fire But It Can Produce A Liquid Hot Enough To Burn Which Is Probably A Way Dragons Used Fire Breath.


Many Dragon Fossils Have Been Found All Around The Continent, One Of The Most Famous Is A Fossil Of A Dragon In Montana With A Fractured Wing Which Was Thought To Be Caused By A Tyrannosaurus Due To There Being Many Bite Marks On The Fossil In The Big Enough To Fit A Tyrannosaur Tooth, Theres Also More Proof Of This Theory Due To A Tyrannosaurus Skull Being Found Not Far From The Dragon Fossil Which Had Scorch Marks On Its Skull That Was Possibly Caused By The Dragon.


In Order To Survive The KT Extinction Dragons Had To Adapt To The Water And Would Later Become Water Bound And Become The Aquatic Dragons

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