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Dragonlord Magic
is an ancient power possessed only by maguses and allowed its wielder ability to turned into armored half-human, half draconic being.


Dragonlord Magic was proposed to be the most powerful magic and ultimate weapon created by Ancients (inhabitants of both Lemurian and Atlantis). The source of this Magic was proposed to be a a mystical artifact forged with Dragon’s magic and energy from both Neathid Cube and Elemental Octahedrons. The said artifact was very powerful, but can only be used 5 times and therefore can only be created once due to the said combined power was very unstable and even far more destructive than present day man-made weapons. Not only that, after used to empowered 5 Ancient warriors, the artifact, and formula used to created the device itself was immediately destroyed so no one can abused such power. With help of these 5 Dragonlord Magic-empowered wariors called Dragonlords, all ancients managed to drove Great One and the Cosmic Entity’s creations away.

After the great battle against Great One that reduced their civilazations in ruins, the Ancients decided to rebuild their civilazations with their own way from scrap, and surviving Dragonlords Magic-empowered Ancients intermingled with the rest of mankind and their fellow sorcerers. While their blood thinned out, Dragonlord Magic within them would resurface from time to time, leading to birth of a race called maguses.


Whenever a magus activates his/her Dragonlord Magic, the user would transformed into humanoid creature with dragon-like traits such as two-toed digitigrade legs for better jump and mobility, a retractable prehensile tail, and a pair of retractable wings for flight. In this Dragonlord form, the user’s body also covered by suit of armor-like organic exoskeleton. Whatever clothings that the user wore, even outer clothings and shoes would immediately integrated within the armor upon transformation. Dragonlord’s exoskeleton was as durable as dragon scales, as it can only penetrated by anything that can virtually harm dragons. Even so, maguses can only maintained their dragonlord form for limited amout of time as had they stayed in their dragonlord form for too long, they would involuntarily revert to their human form. How long they can maintained their dragonlord form would depend on their energy reserves: Maguses whom physically fit for battle usually can maintain their dragonlord form for at least 30 minutes, while weakened maguses can only maintained their dragonlord form for at least less than one minute.

Though Encantus provided information on how to mastered one’s Dragonlord Magic, this magical power must first to be awakened, usually by having their body try to cope with tough situations to survive. Once awakened, they can perform Dragonlord Magic at will.

Abilities gained from Dragonlord Magic


Base Form

  • Raido's Base Dragonlord Form
  • Tlob's Base Dragonlord form
The most basic ability that a magus had upon using Dragonlord Magic for the first time is to turned into humanoid armored draconic creature.

This is the basic form that users of Dragonlord Magic and most humanoid out of both forms as they retained most of their human appearance. However, they have grown draconic horns, black protursions on the cheek, two-toed legs that bent for better mobility, a draconic tail, a pair of wings, and durable exoskeleton that fused with clothings they wore.

It should be noted that the female user's Dragonlord form, particulary in base form, had more revealing appearance as large fragment of their midriff and upper arms only covered by grayish membrane even if they originally wearing outfits that exposed their arm and belly. The same membrane also covered their neck. The male users on the other hand, had their exoskeleton completely covered their body and even formed a full-face mask around their head (though the visor and mouthpiece can be retracted to reveal their face).

Dragon Form

In Dragon Form, a magus can fully transformed into a wholly armored draconic creature. How a magus' full dragon form usually reflects the user's personality traits. The full-dragon form can resemble mythical dragons or chimera between a dragon and other animals.

Dragon Slam

The user conjures a pair of floating dragon arm made of crystallized Mana that slam, grab, or punch through the enemies.

Dragon Crystals

Creating a trail of crystal pylons made of pure Mana that can ram through enemies.

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