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Dragonet (real name Bubbles) is one of the main protagonists of Foodyeater's Pokémon series on Pokéfanon Wiki. She is a Ninja Dragonet who arrived in the Pokémon World from Reeftown and lives in Hau'oli City with her caregiver and best friend, Elizabeth, as her pet.

She is also an actress and theater performer who has appeared in several fictional movies and TV shows such as Splash and Bubbles Super Why!, Keeping up with the Ninja Dragonets, and most famously, Splash and Bubbles.


Dragonet is a Ninja Dragonet, a domesticated hybrid species first conceived a thousand years ago when a regular female mandarin dragonet mated with a male Greninja. She is almost always seen in her normal state rather than in Hybrid form.

She has pink skin on her head, blue skin on the rest of her body, and orange and teal stripes. Her fins are orange and purple and she has red eyes.


Dragonet is nice and is usually very friendly and helpful, but has a short temper and shy personality that is the result of being experimented on in the past. She is a domesticated pet and thus acts much like a dog would.


Dragonet's mother, a Ninja Dragonet, came to Reeftown from the Pokémon world after being illegally set free by her Trainer. She was one and a half months pregnant at the time, with only 15 more days to go. The father of this pregnancy is unknown. It is commonly believed to be a non-Pokémon, male mandarin dragonet, though genetic material from Wishiwashi has been found inside Dragonet, suggesting her father may be a Wishiwashi. She says she has never met her father and knows nothing about him.

15 days later, this Ninja Dragonet gave birth to her daughter overnight at 1:38 AM in Dorsal Park. She chose to name her daughter Bubbles because her former Trainer had always loved to blow bubbles with her. Unaware to her, Bubbles was a Ninja Dragonet, though she would grow up thinking she was a mandarin dragonet.

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