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Dragonet (real name Bubbles) is one of the main protagonists of Foodyeater's (AKA Aoisaki Michiru) Pokémon series on Pokéfanon Wiki and a character owned by them in general. She is a Ninja Dragonet who arrived in the Pokémon World from Reeftown and lives in Hau'oli City with her caregiver and best friend, Nijino Nijiko, as her pet.

She is also an actress and theater performer who has appeared in several fictional movies and TV shows such as Splash and Bubbles Super Why!, Keeping up with the Ninja Dragonets, and most famously, Splash and Bubbles. She has decided to stay in the Pokémon world, where Ninja Dragonets belong, instead of returning to Reeftown.


Dragonet is a Ninja Dragonet, a domesticated hybrid species first conceived a thousand years ago when a regular female mandarin dragonet mated with a male Greninja. She is almost always seen in her normal state rather than in Hybrid form.

She has pink skin on her head and face, blue skin on the rest of her body, and orange and teal stripes. Her fins are orange and purple and she has red eyes.


Dragonet is nice and is usually very friendly and helpful, but has a short temper and shy personality that is the result of being experimented on in the past. She is a domesticated pet and thus acts much like a dog would. Her helpful personality can often be to her detriment since this commonly causes her to neglect herself for the sake of others.

However, she struggles with PTSD as a result of being experimented on before being taken in with Nijiko. Her PTSD generally results in her being short-tempered and very anxious and shy, and it takes quite a bit of time for her to warm up to new people. Even after she has warmed up to a person, she still doesn't allow any humans other than Nijiko to hug or even touch her, and she is very afraid without Nijiko. Over time, though, she has become a bit less shy and has allowed other people besides her caregiver to pet her, though she still only allows petting for a few seconds at most and still only allows Nijiko to hug her.

She constantly feels stressed and often feels like her head will explode, due to her having an extremely hectic life that requires her to juggle being a mother to her 17 daughters (Ninja Dragonets normally have one baby at a time, but for some reason, Dragonet feels the need to pop out baby after baby), making free time for herself, be a pet, teach a class of Ninja Dragonets how to hone their skills, be with her friends, go to doctor appointments, act, sing as Samantha the Steenee, and her Pretty Cure duties which also has the additional burden of keeping it secret. This takes a massive toll on her mental health, so she is generally irritable, easily annoyed, and sleeps a lot, but she tries to de-stress as best as she can. She is shown to become infuriated at even the slightest insult or when somebody says false information about her, such as when there was a widely circulated Pokétube rumor in Alola falsely claiming she had died, been possessed, and turned on Nijiko, but does in fact care about others deeply and will calm down once she realizes her angry outbursts go too far.

As Evelynn, she retains her basic personality (a short-tempered, anxiety-ridden jerk who is in fact nice deep down), but is somewhat more calm as Evelynn and is also quite a bit nicer. She is the smartest member of the group, usually being the one to devise the plans.


Dragonet's mother, a Ninja Dragonet, came to Reeftown from the Pokémon world after being illegally set free by her Trainer. She was one and a half months pregnant at the time, with only 15 more days to go. The father of this pregnancy is unknown. It is commonly believed to be a non-Pokémon, male mandarin dragonet, though genetic material from Wishiwashi has been found inside Dragonet, suggesting her father may be a Wishiwashi. She says she has never met her father and knows nothing about him.

15 days later, this Ninja Dragonet gave birth to her daughter overnight at 1:38 AM in Dorsal Park. She chose to name her daughter Bubbles because her former Trainer had always loved to blow bubbles with her. Unaware to her, Bubbles was a Ninja Dragonet, though she would grow up thinking she was a mandarin dragonet.

3 months later, in November 2016, she and her friend Splash, who she had just recently met, were cast for the show Splash and Bubbles after the latter had just started to wean. She was on the show for the next three years. Her mom left her on her own and went off somewhere when Bubbles was just 4 months old, seeing her as old enough to leave.

She was then taken in by a gang of feral Ninja Dragonets, where she eventually rose up to the status of the dominant female. She started to go down the wrong road when Bubbles and her gang would steal food from humans on the beach (due to Ninja Dragonets being able to survive out of water), cause havoc by scaring and attacking them, and breaking into their houses and sleeping in their bed. She did not have much of a choice since the foods Ninja Dragonets eat, such as oats and spinach, do not exist in the ocean, and they need constant human contact to stay sane. Her gang even tried to steal drugs and alcohol from humans, since it made them look cool, but luckily did not get very far.

Theee years later, Bubbles was playing with Splash when she was pulled into a portal leading to the Pokémon world. She was taken to a rescue center for feral Ninja Dragonets, where she was given a proper diet and was vaccinated. However, a group of scientists turned on her inactive DNA, revealing that she always had been a Ninja Dragonet her whole life. She was traumatized by this event and has PTSD, anxiety disorder, and constant angry outbursts as a result. She also adopted the nickname "Dragonet."

A few months after this event, she kidnapped a 13-year old girl named Nijiko who was walking by. She covered the area in shadows (one of the powers of 40% of Ninja Dragonets) and broke her arm out of fear of being hurt by a human again. After this, they eventually became the best of friends after she gained her trust by protecting her from a Flash Cannon attack aimed at her, and she treats her like she owns her. She has since settled into life in the Pokémon world.

Old version

The original proposal for the character was Bubbles being snatched from Reeftown against her will and genetically fused with a Greninja, but this idea was dropped and Ninja Dragonets became a species. Her horror movie-like backstory and aggressiveness were also significantly toned down. The nickname "Dragonet" stuck, however.

This change occured due to the character Lavender, who is also a Ninja Dragonet, being introduced in the story. Michiru had to justify why another Ninja Dragonet was there in the story if Bubbles was the one and only "Ninja Dragonet" created by science, which didn't make sense, and they didn't want two freaky scientific hybrids. Dragonet's entire origin story was therefore changed to her being a Ninja Dragonet all along. Michiru also does not like Mary Sues, and the old version of Dragonet was a full-blown Mary Sue.

When there were two Dragonets (one created as an illusion) in one episode, it was shown that her caregiver can easily tell which one is real, as the fake one was extremely nice and friendly, ate kibble without making a mess, and could become Ash-Dragonet by herself without fainting. This was not all realistic since the real one is often rude and snarky, always makes a mess when eating, and requires her caregiver's help to become Ash-Dragonet with the possibility of them fainting, showing that somebody who is perfect is not realistic.


  • Nijino Nijiko: Her caregiver who she cares about and loves a lot. While they do sometimes get into minor arguments over food or TV, or when her short temper gets the best of her, she cares about her very deeply. She normally never keeps secrets from her and she always confides in her, but she only keeps her status as a Pretty Cure a secret from her to keep her safe and not worry her. She is the only human who she is fully comfortable being hugged or even touched by.
  • Sugar: One of her infant daughters. Sugar is often extremely annoying and stupid when she tries to help which often makes situations even worse. No matter how annoying she is, however, she does love her very much. This was best shown when she and Psydolphin went into the Black Dream Hole to rescue her from her Dream Coffin and escaped just seconds before it collapsed.
  • Her daughters in general: Her daughters in general drive her crazy and stress her out constantly due her poor decisions deciding to fool around with multiple male fish Pokémon. She does in fact love them very much, however, and is extremely protective of them. She is not afraid to brutally injure or even kill anybody who dares to harm her babies, though she almost always regrets it afterwards.
  • Valentine: Another one of her infant daughters, who she loves dearly but is especially overprotective of and strict with due to wanting to protect her from any potential ill-intentioned people who would want to get their hands on her pink heart-shaped forehead gem. She never lets her leave Nijiko's and Haruna's apartment at all due to this fear, often greatly upsetting her, but she is only overprotective and strict with her since she loves her and wants to protect her.
  • Dandelion/Akarui Mahira: She and Mahira are good friends in their human identities. They are both in Chisuga-sensei's class 2-B for social studies, as are the others besides Stella, Yunibasu, and Shiori.


  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Michiru fully admits that they are obsessed with this character and will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get rid of her. She is their favorite character in the entire universe but has a fair amount of flaws.
  • She is Bubbles from Splash and Bubbles, only have a far more detailed backstory and moving to the Pokémon world since Ninja Dragonets cannot survive on their own.
  • She is immortal (except for her heart being damaged) due to an illegal experimental immortality serum she was forcibly injected with against her will when she was cruelly experimented on by cruel scientists who planned to kill her but chose not to. However, she does not like it very well as it is one of the reasons she has PTSD. It luckily does not cause any other problems, but results in her body perpetually remaining 3 years old and causes all offspring of hers to perpetually remain infants. The eternal youth effect of the chemical temporarily goes away as Ash-Dragonet, causing her to physically age by 2 years while it is activated, but the immortality aspect remains. The serum protects her from having her soul/spirit taken or her life energy drained, but sufficiently strong dark magic is able to override it.
  • Her personality and attitude towards Rotom is reminiscent of Squidward's attitude towards SpongeBob on SpongeBob SquarePants. Both are irritable, easily annoyed jerks who have a much more mature and rational personality than the person annoying them, but do truly care about them and will occasionally even join them in being morons.
  • While she often claims that her favorite color is pink, it is obvious that her favorite color is actually blue. This is proven by:
    • Her human identity Donatsu Evelynn has blue skin and wears primarily blue clothes, and her Cure costume is blue. She also has a blue tie on her school uniform in Fish Turned Girl Pretty Cure and partially has the personality of a stereotypical blue Cure: she is hot-headed and gets angry easily (not a typical blue Cure trait), but is also fairly shy and is the most intelligent member of the group.
    • She has a blue smartphone.
    • The frosting on her birthday cake in Dragonet's Birthday?! was primarily sky blue.
    • The heating pad she often lies on to warm up when it's cold is blue, and she threw a tantrum when her caregiver Nijiko bought a green one and she demanded she immediately go and refund it for a blue one.
    • When the Cure group is using color-coded items like blankets, towels, or cups, she always gets the blue one, not the pink one (which always goes to Sugar/Stella).
    • When she is seen stuffing herself with cupcakes, the frosting is always blue.
    • Her miniature towel she dries herself off with when she gets out of the bath is blue, not pink.
    • Normally, she eats Pokémon food from a blue dish.
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