Dragon Force is a Canadian 3D animated TV show by Saban Brands. On August 6, 2016, this show along with Glitter Force aired on Jetix iNfusion's Saturday Video Entertainment System. It is an action-adventure TV show that focuses on five Dragon Warriors who fight hard to save the land of Dragonia. The theme song for the TV show is called "Through the Fire and the Flames" by the British power metal band, DragonForce.


Main Characters


Voice actor: Cam Clarke

Draco is a Dragon Warrior of the Fire. He sets out with his allies to save the land of Dragonia from his enemies who transform villagers into evil warlords called the "Antibody Killers". As the Fire Dragon, he carries a flaming sword called the "Sword of Flaming Justice" into battle. Draco's signature move is called "Flaming Slash".


Voice actor: Erick Riley

Zircon trains skillfully in the outskirts of Dragonia. He is known as the Dragon Warrior of Space. Along with his allies and Draco, he fights to save Draconia. As the Space Dragon, he wields a laser gun called the "Space Gun of Reliability" to fight his enemies. He also rides a motorcycle to dash into battle. Zircon's signature move is called "Galactic Laser".


Voice actor: Dan Petronijevic

After becoming the master of speed and weight, Lennon wishes to become the greatest warrior along with the others on Dragonia. He is known as the Dragon Warrior of Lightning. When in battle, he carries a massive hammer called the "Lightning Hammer of Sincerity" as the Lightning Dragon. Lennon's signature move is called "Lightning Earthquake".


Voice actor: Zachary Bennett

For a beginner, Arron has good intelligence when he trains deeply into the forest environment of Dragonia and becomes the Dragon Warrior of the Forest. As the Forest Dragon, he carries the "Bow of Wisdom" which fires green, radioactive arrows at his enemies. Arron may be a good sharpshooter, but his signature move is called "Synergy Arrows".


Voice actor: Peter Cugno

Ricco is the best trainer who trains deeply in the snowy mountains of Dragonia. He gains the ability to save his home in the arctic tundra where his tribe lives. Ricco is currently known as the Dragon Warrior of Ice which gives him the ability to create a crystal blast with his "Crystal Staff of Courage" as the Ice Dragon. He also uses ice skates when skating on the ice during battle. Ricco's signature move is called "Crystal Blizzard".

Antibody Squad

Lord Darkus

Voice actor: Tommy Gould

Lord Darkus is the leader of the Antibody Squad and the main antagonist against the Dragon Force. His plan is to conquer the land of Dragonia and turn every villager into the "Antibody Killers". Some of his plans always fail when Draco and his fellow comrades turn the tables on him. Lord Darkus wields his favorite weapon, the "Scepter of Souls" during a battle with Draco and his allies. The signature move of Lord Darkus is "Darkus Fire".


Voice actor: Carter Hayden

Despite his brute strength, Rancid attempts to show Draco and his allies what they're made of. He wields a "Chain of Territory" to attack everyone who stands in his way. Rancid is the only member of the Antibody Squad who is muscular in size.


Voice actor: Jason Deline

Sermon is the sinister lancer of the Antibody Squad. His goal is to eliminate the Dragon Force with the help of Rancid and Frey. Sermon wields the "Legendary Lance" which shoots blast of energy against his opponents. Sermon is the only villain who rides a horse.


Voice actor: Damien Weiss

Frey is considered to be the technical warrior of the Antibody Squad. He, along with the Antibody Squad plans to turn the entire world into a Darkus Wasteland. Frey wields an "Ultimo Trident" during a battle against the Dragon Force. Sometimes, his catchphrase reads: "You shall not pass!".


Voice actor: Alyson Court

The female Shadow Dragon Sorceress who is seeking revenge against the Dragon Force. Formerly, she is a rival to both Draco and Ricco. She makes her debut in the eighth episode of the second season where Zircon has a vision of a beautiful sorceress that turns out to be her.

Other Characters


Voice actor: Julie Lemieux

Carmen is a sweet, rich teenager who enlists the help of Draco and the Dragon Force. She can aid Draco and the others on their quest to prevent Lord Darkus from possessing everyone by transforming them into Antibody Killers who turn the tide against Draco and his allies.


Voice actor: Joanne Vannicola

Ronald is a young energetic kid who gets help from Draco and the rest of the Dragon Force. He is the younger brother of Draco who assists him during a battle against a villain. Sometimes, he wants to be a member of the Dragon Force along with Draco and the others.


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