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Draco the Dragonfly movie is an animated movie from 2016 being an crossover of 1 Popular Anime series


Draco and Mill have found Aogiri and now joining Nico and Yakumo oomori , but after the battle of Kaneki , Draco needed to kill him for Revenge.

Voice Cast

Chris pratt as Draco

Damon Albarn as Mill

Peter cullen as Waspino the Wasp

Josh brolin as Cracknut the Lobster

Cristopher Sabat as Yakumo oomori

Cristopher Bevins as Nico

Maxey whitehead as Juuzou

Austin Tindle as Kaneki

Bradon Potter as Shinohara


It was the best movie ever being so popular that Sui ishida made an Manga about this movie , changing Tokyo Ghoul storyline , thus it winned for Being 2016 Best movie of all time

Songs used

Im shipping up to boston ( in trailer 1)

Bring me to life ( in trailer 2 )

Feel invincible ( in trailer 3 ,4 and final )

The egg travels ( in beggining of the movie )

They´re all gone ( when Draco kills Juuzou in order to save Yakumo oomori from being killed )

New divide ( in Draco , Mills , Nico and Yakumo oomori battle kaneki )

Rhinestone eyes ( in the first part of ending credits )

Rated 14 years old because of :

-Violence and death


-Gory images ( Like juuzou having her organs eaten by Draco the Dragonfly )

-Sexual references ( despite having no Sex scene on it )


Insects are giants because they have mysteriously drinked an potion that makes them have skeleton and nostrils making them become larger