Draco Stone is a character and Morganian in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

As with his counterpart, Drake Stone, he was inexperienced Morganian apprentice that practiced magic only to bring himself fame and fortune by posing as a stage magician. When he was 15 years old and without a family, his original mentor left him alone for unknown reasons, leaving him with a copy of the Encantus which was how he was able to learn sorcery and to be a famous magician with a lot of fame and fortune throughout his entire life in spite of his "abandonment issues".

His fame as stage magician however, was cover to hide his Morganian status and is on the tracks of his said master.

Personality and Traits

Draco Stone as the Illusionist TSASA

Draco as a stage magician

Draco shares many things in common with his counterpart Drake as they both laid-back, sarcastic, and instinctive apprentice. Like the latter, Draco greatly admires Morganians and feels uneasy when their schemes including deaths of some of his fans. However, Draco proved to be crueler and merciless than his counterpart, as after using Parasite Spell on a mafia sent to spy on him after odds between him and a group of Dark Arts Dealers called Basilisks Club, he snapped the mafia's neck in cold blood. Draco also despised mafias for once ruining his magic show and attemted to killed him.

Like Drake, Draco depicted having slender build with hair bleached blond and spiked up and small goatee. As a stage magician, he wore a brown tailcoat with matching vest and white wingtip shirt underneath, black plants, dark gray ribbon, a gray top hat, and black pointy shoes.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Charged Ring:
    Draco Stone Charged Ring TSASA

    Draco Stone's Charged Ring

    Draco's catalyst of choice is a charged ring with red Mana capacitor that had tribal mask-like skull motif on it.

Magic Spell


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