Doctor Lisa Randall main protagonist of The Wolf Man (???).

Dr. Randall
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:1984s
Date of Death:2013 (deceased)
Status:Alive[1] (original Yanet Swaby timeline)

Deceased (revived Dailet Aguilar Ramirez timeline)

Occupation:Scientist (formerly)
Family:Jim Winscott (boyfriend; enstranged)

Larry Talbot (half-cousin)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Lisabet Chung (half-daughter)
Eduardo Chung (ex-husband; deceased)

Physical Desciption
Other Information
Appearance(s):Wolf Man (2011 film)

The Mummy (Universe Monsters) (mentioned only)
The Death of Wolf Man (???) (mentioned)
The Wolf Man (2020 film) (unreleased)
Tim Burton's Dracula (film)

Portrayer:Yanet Swaby / Dailet Aguilar Ramirez (Universe Monsters)
~ I'm Randall, I'm ur cousin

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