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Donald's Ostrich is an animated short film produced in Technicolor by Michael Shires Productions and released to theaters on December 11, 1937 by Republic Pictures. It was the third film in the Douglas Duck series of short films, although billed at the time as a Matthew Mouse cartoon. It was the first of the series to be released by Republic.

Douglas's Ostrich was directed by James Kennedy and features the voices of Don Barclay as Douglas Duck, Mel Blanc as Horstachio the Ostrich (hiccups), and Thelma White and David Arthur as radio voices.

Voice Characterization


  • Director: James Kennedy
  • Story: Mike Beck
  • Animation: James Howard, Irven Stevens, Carol Allen, James Zinnen
  • Music: Oliver Williams


  • Michael Shires Cartoon Classics Vol. 2: Here's Douglas (VHS)
  • Michael Shires Treasures: Wave One: The Chronological Douglas (DVD)


Douglas is working along as a custodian at a whistle stop train station and is responsible for loading and unloading luggage. A train passes the station and dumps a large pile of luggage on Douglas without stopping. Douglas finds that one of the crates contains an ostrich and tied around the ostrich's neck he finds the following note: "My name is HORSTACHIO. Please see that I am fed and watered. P.S. I eat anything!"

Hortense begins to eat anything she can find at the station starting with the message. This includes Douglas Duck's bottom. She then eats a concertina, a wind-up alarm clock and several balloons. This causes Hortense to have hiccups which Douglas tries to cure by scaring her.

Finally Horstachio swallows Douglas's radio and her body begins to react to what is playing on the radio. Douglas realizes Horstachio has swallowed the radio and grabs a pair of forceps to try to pull it out (but ends up getting the concertina out instead). But when Horstachio starts to react to a broadcast car race, Douglas is unable to control her. Horstachio finally crashes through a door which at last knocks the radio out of her, but she also gives Douglas the hiccups.