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DoubleShot is a British spy film based on 2000 James Bond novel by Raymond Benson and follows Zero Minus Ten, The Facts of Death and High Time to Kill.


Quantum sends their master strategist, Nadir Yassasin, to approach and recruit Spanish Matador Domingo Espada for their latest plan. They plan to plunge Britain into war by assassinating the British Prime Minister and the Gibraltar government during a peace conference, and Espada agrees to assist as he believes that Gibraltar should be returned to Spain. They also decide to take revenge of James Bond by having a double commit the killing.

Bond, feeling out of sorts since his encounter in the Himalayas, visits Dr Kimberely Feare, who discovers lesion on the back of his skull. It's not long before they end up in bed together but when Bond awakes, he finds that Quantum has cut her throat. 

Bond leaves England and finds himself in Tangier, where he meets twin CIA agents Heidi and Hedy, who have been tasked by MI6 to bring Bond back home. When Bond uncovers Quantum's plot, he persuades M and the twins to assist him in foiling it.

Bond heads for Spain, where he meets Espada's right hand woman, Margareta Piel, and an American member of Quantum, Jimmy Powers, who is their number one is stealth. He encounters his own double in a bull fighting arena owned by the ex-matador Espada, eventually gaining the upper hand.

Bond heads to the peace summit, pretending to be the assassin, but turns the tables on Quantum and kills both Piel and Powers, foiling the assassination with some help from the twins. He then shoots Espada through the cheek, leaving him to choke to death of his own blood, and captures Yassasin.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Helen Mirren - Barbara Mawdsley (M)

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

David Zayas - Domingo Espada

Penelope Cruz - Margareta Piel

Xander Berkeley - Jimmy Powers

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Heidi and Hedy Taunt

Jennifer Carpenter - Dr Kimberely Feare


The film was followed by Never Dream of Dying.