Dorami is an American-Japanese animated science-fiction comedy and spin-off of Doraemon which started airing on August 11, 2014 on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), and is the first and only anime on the network. A second season started airing on March 2, 2015. The series aired its last episode on May 31, 2015.


After Doraemon helps Noby, Dorami agrees to help a girl like Noby, Nobia, from the past.


Dorami (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) - Dorameon's sister who helps Nobia.
Nobia (Sandy Fox) - Girl version of Nobita/Noby who, like her male counterpart, is a clumsy kid who gets herself in trouble.
Shizuko/Suo (Johnny Young Bosch) - Boy version of Sue/Shizuka, and Nobia's love interest.
Giana (Maile Flanagan) - Girl version of Gian, or Big G, who, like her counterpart, is mean but uses gossip as opposed to fistfights to ridicule Nobia.
Sunea (Laura Bailey) - Girl version of Suneo/Sneech who, like her counterpart, is rich and snobby and constantly shows off all the expensive dresses and make-up kits she has bought.
Doraemon (Mona Marshall) - Makes frequent appearances throughout the show.


Production took place in Japan during 2012. Dubbing took place in 2013, though, to accomodate a 2014 release in the United States.


Japan aired the entirety of the show for half a year in Fuji TV on February, 2015 throughout August, 2015. The show was very popular and frequently reruns on the channel.

Seasons info

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 August 11, 2014 November 22, 2014
2 39 March 2, 2015 May 31, 2015

List of episodes

Season 1 (2014)

Season 1 started airing in The CC (Comedy Cartoon) on August 11, 2014 as part of a 4-month premiere.

No. English Title (Original Japanese title translated to English)
Original Japanese title
U.S. airdate
1 "All The Way from the World of the Future / It's About Time!" (Dorami Appears!)
"Mirai no Sekai Kara no Subete no Hoho / Sore Wa Jikan Nitsuitedesu!"
August 11, 2014
Dorami comes out of Nobia's drawer and helps her with her life.
2 "Memory Bread for Test / Controlling Freak" (Bread of Memory! Tasty Solution!!)
"Tesuto no Tame no Memori no Pan / Seigyo Furiku"
August 12, 2014
Nobia needs to study for a test, so Dorami gaves her Memory Bread.
3 "Dream Channel / Super Nobia!!!" (Dreaming Channel! Pathetic Dreams!!)
"Chan'neru o Yumemiru / Supa Nobia!!!"
August 13, 2014
Dorami and Nobia tune in to their dream's channel.
4 "Magical Makeup! / Middle and High School Nobia as Tutors!?" (Makeup that Beautifies!/)
"Maho no Meikuappu! / Chuta to Shite Chu Koko no Nobia!?"
August 14, 2014
Dorami gives Nobia Magical Makeup that makes anyone beautiful, but Sunea and Giana get ahold of it.
5 "Gadget Faux Gadget! / 24-Hour Energy" (Impersonate Gadget! Copying Giana and Sunea!!)
"Gajetto Fokuso Gajetto! / 24-Jikan no Enerugi"
August 15, 2014
Dorami introduces a machine that impersonates anyone.
6 "RoboBuddy / Around the World in 80 Seconds" (Robot Helps Me! Bullies Beware!!)
"RobottoNakama / 80-Byo de Sekaiju no"
August 18, 2014
When Nobia is bullied by Giana and Sunea too much, a robot Dorami introduces helps her.
7 "Lost-and-Found Fishing Lake / Give Me a Hand" (Pond That Fishes Things!)
"Ishitsu-mono Dzuri Ike / Watashi ni te o Ataeru"
August 19, 2014
After losing things in the neighborhood, Nobia uses a lost-and-found fishing pond that fishes neighborhood things.
8 "My Paper Cat / A Drop of Invisibility" (Catapaper, My Paper Cat! Pet Pen!)
"Watashi no Kami Neko / "
August 20, 2014
When Nobia whines for a pet cat for the 1000000 time, Dorami uses a Pet Pen to draw a paper cat.
9 "Robot Bob / Fishes of the Sky" (Boyfriend from the 22nd Century!)
"Robotto Bobu / Sora no Sakana"
August 21, 2014
Dorami worries no one will love Nobia, so she makes her a robot boyfriend, named Robot Bob. However, Robot Bob's obsessed with Nobia!
10 "Dolly Truth / Magical Girl Nobia" (Truth Doll! Truth-ace!!)
"Dori Shinri / Maho Shojo Nobia"
August 22, 2014
When Dorami and Nobia finds out Nobia's aunt is in love with a man, Dorami gets a truth doll so Aunt can tell the man how she feels about him.
11 "Ring Ring to Dream Dream / Mouse and Bomb" (Nobia: King of Kids!)
"Yume no Yume no Ringu Ringu / Mausu ya Bakudan"
August 25, 2014
When Nobia wants to be king of all kids, Dorami uses the Dream Bell to make her king of - sleppy kids?!?
12 "Change the Date / Manual Log of 2112" (Change-Date Calendar! Christmas!!)
"Henko Inkurudo Hidzuke / 2112 no Shudo Rogu"
August 26, 2014
When Nobia wants it to be Christmas already to get new ballet slippers, she and Dorami use a changeable date calendar so it can be Christmas already, but it backfires.
13 "The Day Nobia Was Born / Lock Ness Monster" (Nobia Adopted!? Back in Time)
"N~Tsu Nobia ga Umareta / Rokku no Kaiju"
August 27, 2014
Nobia thinks she was adopted, as her parents are harsh on her so Dorami and her go back in time.
14 "Transforming Biscuits / The Stone Ages" (You're an Animal?!?)
"Bisuketto o Henkan Suru / Ishi no Nendai"
August 28, 2014
Dorami introduces "Transforming Biscuits", which turns a guest into a toad. They must not let the mom see the guest as a toad.
15 "Lampin' Horror Story / Super Money Can" (Scary Story! Story's Coming True!)
"Ranpan Hora Monogatari / Supa Okane Kan"
August 29, 2014
When the gang will tell scary stories, Nobia worries about her lack of telling scary stories, so Dorami gives her a "Horror Story Lamp", which is good for telling a scary story. However, he events are starting to come true.
16 "The Ancestors / Making Badges" (Back in Time! Ancestor of Nobia's!!)
"Sosen / Bajji o Tsukuru"
September 1, 2014
Nobia and Dorami go back in time to see their ancestor-who is such a shame!
17 "Transferring Cold / Replica Encyclopedia" (Cold Transferring!)
"Tsumetai Tenso / Repurika Hakkajiten"
September 2, 2014
When Nobia's Mom becomes sick, Dorami uses a "Cold Transferring" machine that transfers people's cold into other people, and Nobia uses it to get revenge on Giana and Sunea.
18 "___will ___with ___in ___ / Moving Aroma" (Appointment Pad! Happens Truly)
"___Ishi___To___Chu ni__ / Ugoku Kaori"
September 3, 2014
Dorami introduces a pad that everything written on it will become true.
19 "A Boy Like Brown Dirt / Reality Pillow" (The Boy from Memory! Suicidal Mom!?)
"Chairo no Yogore no Yona Otokonoko / Genjitsu no Makura"
September 4, 2014
Dorami and Nobia go back in time to see Nobia's mom as a kid who remembers that she was about to suicide, but a dirty boy gave her vegetables, and she stopped her suicide. /
20 "Skiing In My Room! / The Art War" (Avalanche in Study Room!! Skiing!)
"Jibun no Heya de no Suki! / Ato Senso"
September 5, 2014
When it's snow and Nobia is worried to be hurt when skiing, Dorami introduces a machine and a scenery that makes it look like Nobia's skiing.
21 "Which Choice, Dummy? / Fighting Against Gian's Team" (Consolation Doll! Too Much Rely on Dorami!?!)
"Sono Sentaku wa, Dami? / Jan-San no Chimu to Tatakatte"
September 7, 2014
When Nobia relies on Dorami too much and she gets sick, a consulation doll helps Nobia, or so does it seems like?
22 "Nobia, Nobia on the Wall / My Typhoon Fuku" (Magic Mirror!)
"Nobia, Kabe ni Nobia / Watashi no Taifu Fuku"
September 8, 2014
23 "Xyz Is Good! / I, Robots" (X-Ray Camera! Say X-Ray!!)
"Xyz no wa Youidesu / Watashi, Robotto"
September 9, 2014
24 "100% Percent Accurate Pal Reading Kit / Game Role Scenarios" (Palm Reading Kit!?! Reading Palms!/ The Main Role!)
"Hyaku Pasento Seikakuna Teso Kitto / Gemu no Yakuwari no Shnario"
September 10, 2014
25 "Tatami Paddy Field / Bypass Spyglass" (Paddy Field!/ Telescope that Spies!?!)
"Tatami Suiden / Baipasu Kogata Boenkyo"
September 11, 2014
26 "Goodbye, Dorami" (Farewell, Dorami!?!)
"Sayonara, Dorami"
September 11, 2014[3]
Nobia gets in a fight with Giana, so Nobia then faces Giana and pulls her ear, which hurts a lot. Afterwards, Giana gets rocks and throws them at Nobia's head, making her be in bed , with Dorami with her. With Nobia sleeping, Dorami goes back to the future, and when Nobia wakes up, she doesn't find Dorami anymore. She does, however, find a cardboard cutout of her, and with a note that Dorami can't help her anymore, as Dorami is too tired. Dorami also says on her note that Nobia must face her enemies herself and no gadgets, so Nobia then faces Giana again, this time at the vacant lot, and Nobia kicks Giana, but Giana kicks back...hard!!! Nobia is then hit by rocks from Giana again, but this time...also hard!!! Giana then departs, leaving a bruised, hurt and wounded Nobia whining, and then it rains. Nobia sobs for Dorami, and then Dorami comes back! It turns out Dorami wasn't departing from Nobia, but was about to. While still raining, Dorami carries Nobia back home cozy in the bed.

Note: This is a hour-special event. This episode was made in response of 9/11 attacks.

27 "Werewolf Beam / Pebble Hat" (Wolf Beam! Fool Moon!!/ Lalalala, No One Notices Me Hat)
"Okami Bimu / Koishi Boshi"
September 14, 2014
28 "The Boy of the Red Cap / Fashion Epedemic" (Non-Chan!?! Red Cap!!/ The Virus that Makes Everyone Wear the Same)
"Akai Boshi no Shonen / Fasshon no Ryuko"
September 15, 2014
29 "Flying Bamboo Horse! / Jekyll and Hyde" (The Skyhorse!!/ Tough Pills)
"Ton Takeuma! / Jikirutohaido"
September 16, 2014
30 "Kobe Abe / Nobia's Future Groom" (Relaxing Flute! Smooth Tune!?!/ The Future Husband!?!)
"Kobe Abe / Nobia no Shoroai no Hanamuko"
September 17, 2014
31 "Building a Subway / Laughin' Earbud" (Subway for Present!?! Christmas/!)
"Chikatetsu o Kensetsun / Emitte' in ' Naiya"
September 18, 2014
32 "Sherlock Holmes: Nobia Version / Secret Spy" (Starring Nobia as Sherlock!)
"Sharokku Homuzu: Nobia Bajon / Himitsu no Supai"
September 21, 2014
33 "Tiny Town / Beauty Snap" (Nobitaville! Land of Dreams!!)
"Totemo Chisana Machi / Utsukushi-sa no Sunappu"
September 22, 2014
34 "Prophecy of Dorami / Mario-chan " (Dorami's Prediction!?! In Danger of Cars!)
"Dorami no Yogen / Mariochan"
September 23, 2014
35 "Finally, 100 Points in a Lifetime! / Making a Island" (100 Points!!)
"Saishutekini wa, Issho ni 100 Pointo! / Shima o Tsukuru"
September 24, 2014
36 "Buddy Gadget / Thank-You Candy" (Dorami, Sunea's Best Friend!?! Nobia Jealous!!)
"Nakama Gajetto"
September 25, 2014
37 "Tons of Dorami! / Enjoy Yourself" (Full of Dorami! Cloning Around!!)
"Dorami no Ton! / O Tanoshimi"
September 28, 2014
38 "Time Cloth / The Pass-Through Hole" (Old-then-New Cloth!! The Cloth of Amazingness!?!)
"Jikan no Nuno / Ana o Torinukero"
October 5, 2014
39 "The Village Deep in the Mountains / A Tulip to Remember" (Mystery! Going With Doraemon!)
"Yamauko no Mura / Churippu ga Oboete Okubeki"
October 6, 2014
40 "Reflect-Delay Cloth / Collection of Bottle Caps" (Cloth that Delays Reflection!! See the Past!)
"Han'ei Chien Nuno / Botoru Kyappu no Shushu"
October 7, 2014
41 "Nobia's New Mom / In the New Year's Wallpaper" (Switching Moms!?!)
"Nobia no Atarashi Okasan / Atarashi Toshi no Kabegami"
October 8, 2014
When Nobia, Sunea and Shizuko want new moms, Dorami lends in the "Switching Mom", which switches Mom. Nobia gets Shizuko's mother, Shizuko gets Sunea's mother, and Sunea gets Nobia's mom.
42 "Scenario Play / Lottery Ticket" (Light Player! Write Any Scenario!?!)
"Shinario Asobu / Chusen-Ken"
October 26, 2014
43 "Surprise! Time / Black Belt Nobia" (Mad Watch! Skip any Hour, Minute or Second!!!)
"Odoroki! Jikan / Kokutai Nobia"
October 27, 2014
44 "I'll Become a Good Singer Just By Sucking on Candy! / "Diamond of Bad Luck (Good Singer Gian!!! Broadcast on TV!?!)
"Watashi wa Chodo Kyandi ni Kyiun Suru Koto no Yori, Ryokona Kashu ni Naru! / Fuun no Daiyamondo"
October 28, 2014
45 "Catastrophe Forecaster / Dorami in Love!" (Watch that Predicts Catastrophe! Be Safe, Nobia-Chan!)
"Dai Saigai Yoho / Koi ni Dorami!"
October 29, 2014
46 "Parents Propose / Boy Girl!?" (Operation: Propose!!! What Really Happened in 1959!?!)
"Ryoshin wa Teian Suru / Shonen Shojo!?"
October 30, 2014
47 "Cursed Camera / Earth Kit Model" (Camera that Makes Voodoo People!?!)
"Norowareta Kamera / Chikyu Kitto Moderu"
October 31, 2014
48 "N-S Magnet / A Gravity Christmas" (North and South Crest! Opposites Attract!!/)
"N~S Magunetto / Juryoku Kurisumaso"
November 17, 2014
49 "Melody Farts / Lion Mask" (Melody Gas! Nasty but Great Singing!!?!/ Ayaushi!! Lion Mask)
"Merodi Onara / Raion Masuku"
November 18, 2014
50 "Dinosaur Hunter Nobia / The Mail Teleporter" (In the Hunt! Nobia, Hunter!?! / Teleporter of Mail!!)
"Kyoryu Hanta Nobia / Meru Kisha"
November 19, 2014
51 "Guide Me, Angel! / Perrot's Alive" (An Angel!? It Guides You!!!/ Perro, Be Alive!)
"Tenshi o Watashi no Gaido! / Perrot no Ikite Iru"
November 20, 2014
52 "Mysterious Visitor From the Future / Nobizaemon's Treasure" (Mysterious Person!!! Of the Future!/ Treasure of Relative Nobizaemon!!)
"Mirai Kara no Nazo no Homon-sha / Nobizaemon no Takara"
November 22, 2014

Season 2 (2015)

A 2nd season will start airing in March 3, 2015 as part of another 4-month premiere, following successful ratings from Dorami viewers. The series will premiere 39 episodes (78 segments) plus 2 special events, "Princess of Justice" and "Legendary Sword of Lightning Bolt", and a movie, titled: "Dorami and Nobia in the Great Pony Adventure!!", which released to mixed to positive reviews. Most of the episodes were adapted from the manga, while some were made up and not from the manga.

No. English Title (Original Japanese title translated to English)
Original Japanese title
U.S. airdate
1 "When You Wish Upon a Star / Have Animals' Defenses!" ( A Wishing Star!!?!?/ Camo and Other Animal Defenses!!!)
"Hoshininegaiwo / Dobutsu no Bogyo o Motte Iru!"
March 3, 2015
2 "My Little Sister / Action Figures" (???/?)
"Watashi no Imoto / Akushonfigyua"
March 4, 2015
3 "The Weather Nether / U.F.Oh!" (???/?)
"Kisho Jikogu / Mi Kanunin Hiko A!"
March 5, 2015
4 "The Following Missile / Appearing Bag" (???/?)
"Ji Misairu / Tojo Baggu"
March 6, 2015
5 "Nobia From Future Past / Reviewed by a Robot" (???/?)
"Shorai no Kako Kara Nobia / Robotto ni Yotte Rebyu"
March 9, 2015
6 "Erase Your Face / Love Under an Umbrella" (???/?)
"Anata no Kao o Shokyo / Kasha no Shita"
March 10, 2015
7 "The Lies and Truth of Sunea / Little Airplane Races" (???/?)
"Uso to Sunea no Shinjitsu / Chisana Hikoki Resu"
March 11, 2015
8 "Princess of Justice" (The Masked Princess Comes Back to Life! Helping Nobia!!!)
"Seigi no Ojo"
March 13, 2015
9 "Defending Cape / My Mom the Human Puppet" (???/?)
"Difendingu Misaki / Watashi no Okasen"
March 30, 2015
10 "Swimming Powder / The Dried-Up Ghost" (???/?)
"Suiei Funmatsu / Hiagatta Gosuto"
March 31, 2015
11 "Body Pumpin' / Confidence Never "Bugs" You" (???/?)
"Bodipanpukin' / Jishin Kesshite "Bagu" Anata Wa"
April 1, 2015
12 "Legendary Sword of Lightning Bolt" (Special Event!!!)
"Inazuma no Densetsu no Ken"
April 2, 2015
13 "2 Fast 4 Nobia / Needle Trout Badge" (???/?)
"2 Kosuko 4 Nobia / Hari Torautobajji"
April 3, 2015
14 "The Weather Nether 2: The Weather Chart / Invisible Eye Drop" (???/?)
"Tenki Jikogu 2: Tenki-Zu / Menimienai Tengan"
April 6, 2015
15 "Invisible Shower / Fit for a Princess" (???/?)
"Menimienai Shawa / Ojo no Tame ni Aimasu"
April 7, 2015
16 "A Totally Different Person / Nobia's Tutor is....Nobia?!" (???/?)
"Hito ga Kawatte / Nobia no Kateikyoshi wa Nobia....Desu!"
April 8, 2015
17 "A Little Birdy Reminded Me / Nobia Goes Around the World....By Taking Pictures!" (???/?)
"Chisana Badi wa Watashi o Omoidashimashita / Nobia wa Shashin o Toru Koto de...Sekai Isshu Shimasu"
April 9, 2015
18 "The Cowardly Adventure of Nobia / Eat It and You Don't Get Fat" (???/?)
"Nobia no Okubyona Boken / Sore o Taberu To Futoru Ikemasen"
April 10, 2015
"Dorami and Nobia In the Great Pony Adventure!!" (Danger in Pony Land!? Dorami and Nobia to the Rescue!!!)
"Dorami to Idaina Poni no Boken de Nobia!"
April 27, 2015 (Part 1)
April 28, 2015 (Part 2)
April 29, 2015 (Part 3)
April 30, 2015 (Part 4)
May 1, 2015 (All parts; movie)
23 "Fairy Tale Galore! / A Trip to The Spa-Ce" (???/?)
"Monogatari Hofu no Yosei! / Uchu e no Tabi"
May 4, 2015
24 "The Grandmother Tree / A Football Field for Suo" (???/?)
"Sobo no Ki / Suo no Tame no Sakka-Ba"
May 5, 2015
25 "Giana's Girl Friend / The 100 Years Later Appendix" (???/?)
"Giana no Garufurendo / 100-Nen-Go no Furoko"
May 6, 2015
26 "Happy Bracelet / Concert of the 23rd Century" (???/?)
"Shiawasena Buresuretto / 23 Seiki no Konsato"
May 7, 2015
27 "Excitement Sweater / Buying a Princess Castle From Germany" (???/?)
"Kofun Seta / Doitsu no Purinsesu-jo o Kau"
May 8, 2015
28 "The Strongest Cowgirl / A Camera For The Memory" (???/?)
"Saikyo no Kaugaru / Memori-yo no Kamera"
May 11, 2015
29 "Body Pump It Up / All-Purpose Rein" (???/?)
"Karada wa Sore o Ponpuappu / Ban'no Hokyo"
May 12, 2015
30 "Parallel Dimensions Nobia / Magical Jukebox" (???/?)
"Heinko Sunpo Nodia / Majikarujukubokkusu"
May 13, 2015
31 "Lover Badge / Valedictorian Gown" (???/?)
"Koibito no Bajji / Bengoshi no Doresu"
May 14, 2015
32-33 "Doraemon Replaces Dorami for a Day" (2-Parter) (???/?)
"Doraemon ga Tsuitachi no Tame ni Dorami o Okikaemasu"
May 15, 2015
"Dorami and the Magical Cute War" (Cute Against Cute!! Who Will Win?!!)
"Dorami to Maho no Kawai Senso"
May 18, 2015
(Part 1)
May 19, 2015
(Part 2)
May 20, 2015
(Part 3)
May 21, 2015
(Part 4)
May 22 2016
(All parts; movie)
38-39 "Goodbye Dorami, For Real" (2-Parter) (???/?)
May 31, 2015


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