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Don't Dress for Dinner (No se vista para cenar in his original language) was an Argentinian radio series that ran from 1964 to 1973, with a reunion broadcast in 1989. The series originated from the 1963 Rubber College Revue Cheddar Cheese. The show's format was simple, with comedy sketches and songs throughout the episodes, and had a devoted audience, mostly with teenagers from 13 and on, and young adults. The show used more "strong" humor for it to be a children's show, but didn't go over the top for it to become an adult show, so it stood a family show.

The show ran for nine series and was first broadcasted in 5 April 1964, with the pilot programme having been broadcasted on 28 December 1963 under the title "Cheddar Cheese" in Radio Argentina. Series 1 was comprised of three episodes. The subsequent series were broadcasted on Radio Mitre. Series 2 (1965) had nine episodes, series 3 (1966) and series 6 through 8 (1968 to 1970) each had 13 episodes, while series 4 (1966-1967) and series 5 (1967) had fourteen. After a three-year hiatus the ninth, final series was transmitted in November and December 1973, with eight episodes. An hour-long 25th anniversary show was broadcasted in 1989, comically introduced as "radio weiners".

The title comes from the fact that each episode was broadcasted during dinner, so at the start of each episode (almost all of them) an announcer told the audience to "please don't dress for dinner" yet and listen to the upcoming attractions of the episode, most of them would never appear in the episode itself.


  • Frogi Saltin (later member of Smoked Salami, played by Papo Kaso). He wrote numerous mini-books and humorous stories on a specific topic. He was a member of the cast of the television comedy series It's the Great Awful Show with Trompito Latre, Patito Pelon and Tuerti Merenguez, and later did bit parts on Merenguez's show Whishkered. He died in 2020, aged 78.
  • Trompito Latre (later part of The Claytons and star of Buttons Hour, played by Pablo Solis) He created and starred in later films like The Parrot Named Gossip and Little Thief. Aside from also starring on It's the Great Awful Show with Saltin, Pelon and Merenguez, and co-wrote alongside Pelon for the show Bread on Arrival. In the later series Trompito often was unheard because he was working on The Claytons. In the series, a joke was made, saying that Latre was not on the show because "he was on rehabilitation to stop his easter-eggs addiction".
  • Chippy Chocoz (also another member of Smoked Salami, played by Jais Fuentes) Chocoz co-wrote with Brownie Rocher many episodes of Bread on Arrival. In fact, he can be spot in the episode "Pain in the Bet" as a background doctor. He also appeared as Mr. Boot Licker in the Rats Talk television show episode "Buried-Cratic".