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Don't Be Sorry is a 2012 American Drama film written by Mark Borkowski and directed by Peter Bognadovich starring Nicholas Cage, Laramie Eppler, Chloë Grace Moretz, Callan McAuliffe, Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, William Russ, William H. Macy, Tilda Swinton and Ethan Hawke.

The film concerns the story of an emotionally sensitive boy grapelling with his parent's divorce, fitting back in at school, his love for a suicidal, somewhat detached school girl, his friendship with an older alcoholic frustrated boy and connecting with a father he had long loathed.

The film is scheduled for it's first screening at the New York Film Festival on February 10, 2013 lead actress Chloë Grace Moretz's birthday.

Controversy arose in the motion picture as originally Madison Leisle was to portray the character of Carmen Sandruzzi however backed out and talented Hollywood actress Moretz came in to audition having wrapped with Carrie.

Madison Leisle ended up returning to the project as the girl of whom Danville kisses at the fairground whilest looking for Carmen.

Moretz was unaware however unaware the actor cast to play the 15 year old lead Danville Lancaster was indeed the only 13 Laramie Eppler.

In the film it was scripted the two characters at the end share a passionate kiss and that at the fairground sexual suggestion with the character Carmen and Roland was implied, and the actor portraying the Roland happened to be McAuliffe.

Moretz nonetheless after thinking it over stated it was only sexual suggestion and that the kiss was just a simple kiss and the story/script and characters are touching and brilliant so she would not pass on the film.

Director Bognadovich and writer Borkowski being big fans of the actress were relieved to hear she'd still fill the character of Sandruzzi and their already cast actors Eppler and McAuliffe would continue fill the characters of Lancaster and Emmet.

The film secured two BAFTA nominations: 1. Best Supporting Actor: Callan McAuliffe and 2. Best Supporting Actress: Chloë Grace Moretz as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

The film was shot mainly in Toronto, Ontario and Moretz's hometown of Atlanta.

The film is set in a fictional town called Waverly in California.


The film begins with Danville Lancaster (Laramie Eppler) and his 10 year old brother Brent (Davis Cleveland) overhearing the argument between their father Mark (Nicholas Cage) and mother Vera (Demi Moore) over an affair she has taken part in.

He shouts through the house and upon spotting Danville awake begins to yell at him too.

As Vera calls her friend Sarah (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to come collect her and they are speeding off Danville runs out with an upset Brent standing at the doorway.

Their father locks himself in his room and proceeds to go back to sleep.

The film then flashes forward to the next day with their father lashing out again at breakfast and ripping out all of their mother's belongings out of the cupboards and throwing them upon the ground.

Ripping their family photographs and then upset breaking down outside at a tree stump where he is then comforted by a broken Danville.

A family conference is then held that night where they discuss the predicament and their father has a heated argument with their mother over the phone.

Danville listens in on everything before his Uncle Sam (Billy Burke) pulls a sliding door to the verandah the whole family is upon.

We pass through the holidays and a drive where Danville and his two brothers discuss with their father everything concerning their mother and her affair and see her leaving a house with the man whom she had an affair with and is now in love with, Campbell (Ben Browder).

The boys then visit her at Sarah's and ask if she will come back home.

She tells the boy's whatever happens the only home she needs is a place with the boys.

She eventually comes to have an argument with Sarah regarding what she will do next and the boys' welfare.

She then proceeds to move in with Campbell and the boys make the transition to live one week with their father and the next week with their mother and Campbell.

As this becomes a pattern their summer holidays reach an end and the new school year is about to begin.

Danville uneager to start the school year of 2001 considering everything that has happened tries to suade his father into missing some time off school until he feels he is ready to fall back into the social and working life of school.

His father however makes him start regardless and he comes to be something of an introvert at school, hanging around groups of friends which he hardly converses with.

He feels alone and then detaches himself from both his parents.

Wishing to be a writer when he grows up and having only recently turned fifteen he comes to deal with raging hormones and pimples.

He then begins to see the school's resident psychologist and begins to pour out his deepest thoughts to him.

He hopes to find people he can feel comfortable with and a girl he can fall in love with.

He takes up smoking with his friend from around the corner Louis (Chandler Canterbury) who introduces him to the joy of doing reckless things.

He is however caught out for stealing his father's cigarettes and ends up in trouble.

He is restricted from seeing Louis for awhile and when he is finally allowed to come around to see him again catches him moving.

They have a brief good luck and farewell to each other and Danville finds himself alone and miserable again.

He is diagnosed with manic depression and high functioning anxiety.

He is prescribed anti-depressants which take a deep toll on his behvaiour.

He comes to school and becomes even more detached from the groups he clings to.

He is given more and more appointments with the school psychologist, who refrains from relaying Danville's problems to his parents on his demand.

He then befriends old acquaintance from elementary school Carmen Sandruzzi (Chloë Grace Moretz) who had not attended high school till now for an unrealized reason.

She spends all her time with Danville and introduces him back to smoking, and the use of marijuana and ecstasy which interferes with his anti-depressants.

He becomes reliant on the drugs and her company and begins to fall in love with her.

She however sees him only as a close friend of hers apart from her down the street neighbour.

Then a new student starts up their high school, Roland Emmet (Callan McAuliffe) who comes to be in a class with Danville and takes an interest in being his friend seeing how detached and different he is from all the other connected students.

He asks Carmen to the Ninth Grade Formal and she initially says no but ends up showing up in a nice dress with her hair done up.

The two briefly dance but she shys away and Roland takes him outside and has him try his first alcoholic beverage but he shys away and returns inside to find Carmen has left.

Roland then adopts Danville into his friendship circle of party hard, alcohol abusing youths.

Danville attends his first party following the formal and becomes extremely intoxicated (his drinking being a result of Roland's peer pressure and his sadness over Carmen ditching the dance) to the point where he spews and ends up staying the night at Roland's.

He meets Roland's parents Garland (Ethan Hawke) and Ruth (Tilda Swinton) are devoted Catholics and aren't happy about their sons' behaviour constantly arguing with him and attempting to restrict him from attending his awful parties where he abuses alcohol.

They the following morning whilest Roland is asleep summon a hungover Danville to the living room to talk with him.

They ask he watch over Roland and attempt to steer him off his alcohol and parties.

He agrees and then returns to the bedroom looking over at a sleeping Roland.

Danville smiles and we flash to a happy Danville spending time at school in the company of Roland and switching between him and the company of Carmen.

Danville is however dragged to too many parties and gatherings by Roland and eventually finds himself hooked on alcohol himself.

He is peer pressured by Roland at one gathering into calling up the girl he is interested in and announcing his love for her.

He calls Carmen at her house and tells her he loves her which causes her to hang up and begin to cry whilest becoming angry.

Carmen then begins to not show up at school at all and Danville becomes angry with Roland and begins to spend time at recess and lunch sitting by himself at him and Carmen's usual spot.

He takes up stealing alcohol and cigarettes from his father and throws a large party at his, only to be busted by his father.

He becomes grounded for a month and then another month for wagging.

Once he is let off Carmen returns to school and takes him down the street at lunch where she seems to have forgotten his announcement of his love for her and the two begin to fiddle around with condoms and other silly sexual items in the grocery store they walk into.

She tells him the local Atlanta show is coming up and they should go together.

Danville smiles and Carmen half smiles back.

Danville then calls Roland that night and asks if he would like to come along with him and Carmen to the local Atlanta show.

Roland tells him he usually avoids the Atlanta show but says he feels bad about pressuring him into all of the stuff he does which puts him trouble and says he will come along with their party friend Tyson (Adam Irigoyen).

The Friday at school before the show that night Carmen confesses to Danville she has never done anything sexual with anyone and would like to try some stuff that night.

Danville tells he hasn't either and Carmen asks if he could hook her up that night.

Danville half smiles at this and says he will try.

Carmen half smiles back and in the hours before the show Danville with Roland outside the grocery store and other friends discuss getting alcohol for the show.

Roland however ditches him for a car ride and tells him to meet them at the show.

Danville panics and walks to get to Carmen at her house.

He gets there and discovers from her brother Thomas (Angus T. Jones) that she has already departed for the show.

Danville walks to the showgrounds and considers attempting to jump the fence and sneak in.

Danville then begins to walk back to the street and spots Carmen being driven by her mother.

She gets out smiling with a backpack and shows alcohol stashed in the bg.

She walks with him to the front and pays for them both.

Security demands to see the bag and fails to see the stashed alcohol.

The two rush in and begin to spend Carmen's money on rides.

After the first ride they become dizzy and begin to drink off the side.

Carmen becomes ditzy and falls over injuring herself.

Carmen is taken by Danville who carries her to a first aid tent on the showgrounds.

After she is patched up and the two smile at each other they are found by Roland and Tyson.

The four then begin to share alcohol.

They meet up with others and become intoxicated.

Danville is called a sh*t pimp by Carmen and Danvile drunk and offended by this hooks her up with his former friend Abadiah (Shane Harper) who left school to become a painter.

She kisses Abadiah and then presses on drinking.

Danville not wanting to "pimp her out" anymore simply asks if they get some showbags go on a couple of rides and leave.

Carmen calls him a sore sport and then they come to Roland and Tyson who Danville asks if they will show her a "good time."

Tyson asks her if she's sure to which she answers yes.

The two then escort her away with Roland looking back at Danville.

Danville then remains behind and ends up kissing a girl from school who is popular ex-girlfriend of one of his tormentors, Madison (Madison Leisle) whilest looking for Carmen.

He is also brawled by two ruffian boys who give him a swollen left eye and right black eye, one of the ruffians being Madison's ex-boyfriend who is able to break up the fight but makes no effort to help Danville up or check him.

He then clings to Abadiah and his two friends and ends up bidding them farewell as the show ends and he is still waiting for Carmen to emerge.

After Abadiah and his friends leave Danville clings onto a group of girls who ask him to accompany them to Burger King.

He comes there and finds a drunken Roland who takes him off to a show after party apparently occurring.

Danville begins to question him regarding Carmen and what happened.

He tells she performed Oral and that she is probably still with Tyson.

He demands to know wether she got picked up and he ignores him.

Danville then begins to yell at him and announces that his parents asked him to watch over him and steer him off his destructive path.

The two begin to have an argument and Roland notices his face and asks what happened.

Danville walks off on him and walks all night till dawn which is when he reaches his mother's.

His mother begins to yell at him then notices his face as he heads off to bed.

He ignores the calls from Roland and his mother comes to call his father regarding his face.

The two have a meeting with the principle and psychologist about his behaviour, his drinking and learn from his teachers who call in that he has apparently been stashing marijuana and ecstasy in his locker.

They are planning to expel him and his mother comes back to her son late that afternoon following the meeting and hugs him whilest he lying awake in his bed.

The Monday morning at school he is informed by speaker that he is to report to the general office at lunch and he notices that Carmen does not attend school despite him waiting for her.

He calls her from Tyson's mobile and ignores Roland who tries to communicate with him.

As he walks off Roland follows and begins yelling at him demanding to know what his problem is and stating it's just some funbag to be used and forgotten afterwards and that he is obsessed with her.

Danville lashes out and attacks him.

Roland takes a bloody lip but gets the upper hand in the fight and gives Danville an even blacker right eye and more swollen left eye as well as a broken nose.

He attempts to apologize afterwards and falls to his knees as Danville rushes away to the sick bay.

There he is tended to and his parents are called.

Danville refuses to give up the name of his attacker and he attends the meeting with the principle and his parents.

They let go of what occurred apparently with drugs being stashed in the locker as none were found present in his locker (courtesy of his father, mother and psychologist who broke into his locker and removed it all) and so far it is all heresay.

He cleans up his act but finds himself cut out by all others.

He moves out of Roland's Maths class and eventually takes a lunch time to come to Carmen's house where she is shocked at his face and tells him that she couldn't deal with what happened at the show and reveals the large cuts she has placed upon her arm, via a straight razor.

She tells she had been secretly doing this for awhile unable to cope with her eldest brother's passing.

She is comforted in hug by Danville.

She apologizes for not being there for him and he tells her to not be sorry.

Eventually Danville's face completely clears of its injuries and he cleans up his act at school academically receiving high marks.

Carmen returns to school and follows his example.

Danville comes to forgive Roland who apologizes to Carmen.

The three come to spend a lunch time in Carmen and Danville's usual spot.

Writing below the screen below the three characters that the camera moves between tells of what happened to them in the future.

It is revealed that Danville went on to become a successful writer stationed in Los Angeles and form his own friendship group for the remainder of his school years before moving off to the city, he ended up dying at 17 after becoming the youngest person to publish a best-selling book "Don't Be Sorry For The Past," the cause of death being cardiac arrest.

Carmen went on to Vetenerian School and to become a Vetenerian operating in Waverley.

Roland went onto move to move to Los Angeles as well and remained in touch with Danville for awhile, he became a fairly successful banker

We then see Danville packing up for Los Angeles and saying farewell first to his psychologist and his parents, thanking them for everything and then Carmen arriving at his father's place.

Carmen thanks him and says she hopes to see him around, she tells she's accepted into a fairly prestigious Vetenerian school.

She kisses him passionatley as her mother pulls into his drive-way to pick her up and as he walks away he looks back at her in the same fashion as what happened at the Atlanta show.

We then come forward to an adult Roland who arrives at the Waverley Vetenery Clinic Carmen is working at late at night and drops down a copy of Danville's Don't Be Sorry For The Past.

The two then passage read from the book and tears come to an adult Carmen's eyes upon reading the dedications on the first page: Dedicated to my psychologist doctor in keeping me sane and in keeping me out of trouble, my mother and father who no matter what will always be there for me, to my bestfriend Roland Emmet biggest dick and one to remain there for me, to my old friend Louis you are nothing but a distant memory now but you were the first taste of what life could truly be like and finally to the love of my life Carmen Sandruzzi, every moment i was with you i could not see anything else, i love you and you won't be sorry in reading this.

The film then ends as Carmen hugs Roland and they begin to passage read.


  • Nicholas Cage as Markus Lancaster
  • Laramie Eppler as Danville Lancaster
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carmen Sandruzzi
  • Callan McAuliffe as Roland Emmet
  • Demi Moore as Vera Lancaster
  • Naomi Watts as Estelle Sandruzzi
  • William Russ as the Psychologist
  • William H. Macy as Mr. Bovan
  • Mike Starr as Principal Burton
  • Billy Burke as Samuel Lancaster
  • Tilda Swinton as Ruth Emmet
  • Ethan Hawke as Garland Emmet
  • Patrick J. Adams as Adult Roland
  • Bethany Joy Lenz as Adult Carmen
  • Taylor Momsen as Claire Emmet
  • Willow Shields as Rita Emmet
  • Debbie Allen as Maths Teacher Miss Gregory
  • Jonathen Freeman as English Teacher Mr. Novak
  • Harriet Walter as Art Teacher Miss Landsborough
  • Betsy Randle as Librarian Laura Kimball
  • Ben Browder as Campbell Torrence
  • Adam Irigoyen as Tyson Harlow
  • Angus T. Jones as Thomas Sandruzzi
  • Shane Harper as Abadiah Gerald
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sarah Callows
  • Graham Phillips as Martin Chens
  • Madison Leisle as Madison Lynch
  • Patrick Schwarznegger as Jay Harpin
  • Taylor Spreitler as Jennifer Henkley
  • Jordan Fry as Shaun Tumblin
  • Cassi Thomson as Charlotte Gervel
  • Niall Horen as Jazz Callows

An Assortment Of Eccentric Characters and an eccentric Soundtrack

The film boasts a soundtrack comprising mostly of songs of 1998 to the year 2001 in which the film is set.

Demi Moore's damaged mother character Vera Lancaster who is preparing to finalize a divorce to Nicholas Cage's father character Markus Lancaster loves the band The Cars and plays three of their commercial hit songs in the film.

The first song is played in her car which she pumps to a loud volume and sings to (My Best Friend's Girl), the second You've All I Got Tonight is played quietly in the car whilest the two are discussing what protagonist Danville's father has been saying about him and his thievery and the new company he's put himself into.

The third and final played Cars song Good Times Roll is played on an old phonogram in her and her boyfriend Campbell's house which Danville dances with her and sings with her to.


  1. Sonnet- The Verve
  2. Shimmer- Fuel
  3. On The Move- Barthezz
  4. Somethin Stupid- Robbie Williams featuring Nicole Kidman
  5. We Got More Bounce In California- Soul Kid #1
  6. Can't Get You Out Of Head- Kylie Minogue
  7. Wherever You Will Go- The Calling
  8. My Best Friend's Girl- The Cars
  9. You're All I've Got Tonight- The Cars
  10. Good Times Roll- The Cars
  11. Lovefool- The Cardigans
  12. Ride Wit Me- Nelly featuring Lunatics
  13. Let Me Blow Ya Mind- Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
  14. Hey Baby- No Doubt
  15. Drops Of Jupiter- Train
  16. Island In The Sun- Weezer
  17. Butterfly- Crazy Town
  18. Rock DJ- Robbie Williams
  19. Elevation- U2
  20. One More Time- Daft Punk
  21. Radio Song- Jet