Don't! is a 2018 American Slasher film written, produced and directed by Edgar Wright based on 2007 Grindhouse fake trailer, made to coincide with the release of the Robert Rodriquez & Quentin Tarantino Double Feature: Planet Terror & Death Proof. It stars an ensemble cast of recurring Wright cast members: including Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Lily James, Brie Larson, Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sky Ferreira, Brogan Hall and the initial cast of the Grindhouse trailer by Wright of the same name.

Additional cast members include Maya Hawke, Bailey May, Shawn Mendes, Genevieve Hannelius, Coy Stewart, Rico Rodriquez and Cozi Zuehlsdorff.

The film was released theatrically and in select IMAX theatres on November 12th, 2018, maintaining much of it's original Grindhouse aesthetic and being released as a double-feature in advertisement with Eli Roth's adaption of his 2007 Grindhouse fake trailer Thanksgiving (2018), with a combination of heightened definition and quality.


Renovators (and secret couple) Donna Martin and Leo Buller arrive at the Sawney House in Brighton, England in 1960 to remodel the dilapidated homestead. Leo a younger partner exits outside with Donna after an argument, and Leo is impaled with a spear by a costumed figure as the two attempt to defend each other. Donna is then pursued into the house and propelled from the upstairs landing, to her death.

A family emerges and begin to carry away their bodies and clean up.

In present day 2018 high school friends Moira, Darla, Tachi, Vaughn, Harlowe, Dom and Brae travel from Moira and Darla's unit in Massachusetts on contiki. They land in London and after damage in their youth hostel are forced to seek immediate stay in the still abandoned Sawney house in Brighton, a hitchhiker FJSM guides them to the place believing it to be an operational Bed & Breakfast.

The group decides to ultimately stay regardless given the time and their lack of options, Vaughn purchases a handful of last minute tickets to a nearby festival entitled the 'Harvest Solstice'. It is revealed they are being watched by the hidden family from the beginning, who are in fact the initial owners believed to be dead: The Sawney clan. Sawney son Lance intends to abandon the family and is hacked to death by brothers Lennox, Pryor, costumed mute Pritch, father Lance and sister Annie while sister Rosemary and her son Robbie watch in horror.

FJSM reveals himself to the others after suspicious attempts to delay their departure for the festival that he is in fact the cousin of the Sawney family, who still reside within the home and are murderers, the matriarch Lance controlling all the others, including him to provide further young victims to the clan for the purposes of robbery, murder and food. Pritch then acrobatically makes his way to the lower landing where he stabs FJSM in the back of the neck with a dagger. The friends then scatter and are forced into separating, hiding in sets across the estate.

Rosemary with the help of a remorseful Annie prepares to leave with Robbie, however Robbie succumbs to a greenhouse trap set up by Vaughn and Brae. Vaughn sets off the trap and then seeing the outcome does not abandon as Annie and Rosemary close in, Brae flees into the garden outside. A devastated Rosemary comes to her son's side with an apologetic Vaughn, who is stabbed in the neck with a glass shard by Rosemary, with another by Robbie's side she then slashes her own throat. Harlowe, Dom and Tachi discover in the basement the secret inner house sanctum which serves as living quarters to the Sawney's. The three are chased and abducted by Pritch, Lennox and Pryor. They are brought before father Lance, whose put downs of his sons results in Pritch decapitating him with a machete. Pryor with a concealed dagger cuts Harlowe, Dom and Tachi's bindings. Pritch and Lennox give chase to the three, a false phone in the corridors is seized by Tachi but as he attempts use and is severely burned when it combusts.

Back in the garden Annie heading back to the home is jumped by a now dagger armed Brae. Annie pleads for no more bloodshed, however Brae advances, ultimately results in her been thrown apart the antique sprinkler system, Brae's blood fires out of the sprinklers across the garden as Annie laments.

Harlowe stays with Tachi as Dom ascends back into the foyer of the home, as Pritch descends on them in a basement corridor Harlowe utilises further hidden rigged explosives to blow them all apart. Pritch survives with severe burns to his costume, revealing a disfigured individual beneath. In the foyer Pryor reunites with Lennox and Annie as Moira, Darla reunite with Dom. Pryor and Annie tell Lennox that everything needs to end and they need to let the others go, Lennox is conflicted but ultimately agrees as Pritch arrives and disembowels Pryor, bisects Lennox and locks in bloody combat with Annie.

Annie apologises as she sustains fatal wounds from Pritch, for his mistreatment, but also vows it is the end, as she is aware that Donna Martin was in fact the mother of their father, a woman impregnated in sexual assault, and killed for nothing.

Moira, Darla and Dom set up a sulphuric acid shower that kills Pritch after he seemingly kills Annie by throwing her over the upper landing. As police arrive, Annie's body is found missing, she is seen approaching officers.


  • Simon Pegg as Lennox Sawney
  • Nick Frost as Pryor Sawney
  • Maya Hawke as Moira
  • Sky Ferreira as Darla
  • Bailey May as Tachi
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Annie Sawney
  • Lily James as Rosemary Sawney
  • Brogan Hall as Robbie Sawney
  • Coy Stewart as Vaughn
  • Michael Cera as Freddy Jason Sawyer Myers
  • Genevieve Hannelius as Harlowe
  • Rico Rodriquez as Dom
  • Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Brae
  • Rafe Spall as Franklin Sawney
  • Lee Ingleby as Pritch Sawney
  • Stuart Wilson as Lance Sawney
  • Brie Larson as Donna Martin
  • Shawn Mendes as Leo Buller


  1. Walk, Don't Run - The Ventures
  2. Alley Oop - The Hollywood Argyles
  3. It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley
  4. My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own - Connie Francis
  5. Massachusetts - Bee Gees
  6. Just Friends - Hayden James ft. Boy Matthews
  7. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
  8. Come Together - The Beatles
  9. Anarchy In The U.K - Sex Pistols
  10. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harrum
  11. Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
  12. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division (End Credits Song)
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