Domestic foxes are decended from red foxes that were domesticated by humans in 1940's-1950's. They range in size from terrier size to German shapherd size animals. They come in more than 2,360 breeds. They require dog food, cat food, rodent feed, bird feed, and raw meat to stay healthy. They are very common as guide animals, free-roaming animals, and pets.

Russian Little Red, it is the most primitive of modern domestic foxes.

The house fox by sheather888-d9pn60q

This breed of domestic fox, known as the American brushtail, is very common among domesticated large mammals.


Latin Silverhair, it is the second most common domestic fox breed, being found in most of USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Piebald fox kit luz rovira

This breed of domestic fox, known as the Wolfie, is named for its similarities to huskies and other large domestic sled dogs.

House fox diversity by sheather888-d9pn6fg

These are other domestic fox breeds, despite resembling true domestic dogs, they are in fact foxes.

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