These feral elephant family, known as the Indian shrub-digger (one of the most primitive domestic elephant breeds), are crossing the road somewhere in Florida, USA.

Humans might have had tried to tame current Asian elephants, but these aren't fully domesticated, unlike the "true" domestic elephant, which is descended from a group of wild Asian elephants of 9,500 years B.C that were domesticated by Maverick Hunters. The domestic elephants come in more than 2,750 breeds, including more than 200 of the most primitive-looking breeds, which resembles their wild ancestors. Unlike their wild ancestors, they no longer have musth (which makes most species of elephants very aggressive), making domestic elephants 95% peaceful and lacks aggression towards all sentient beings (including humans). They need to feed on grass, flowers, sedges, palm trees, spruce trees, mulberry trees, vines, and ficus trees in order for domestic elephants to stay healthy. They are very common as free-roaming animals, guide animals, mounts, circus animals, and laboratory animals.

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