Dolls is an American dark fantasy horror film and remake of the 1987 horror film, Dolls.


A group of six people become stranded at an old mansion of an old puppet maker and his wife who offers them to stay overnight during a thunderstorm. However, unknown to the visitors, they eventually became the playthings of the puppet maker's murderous dolls.


  • Gabriel Hartwicke: Judy, what's the matter? Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark. Aren't you a little bit too old to be scared?

Judy Bower:No sir, i'm not scared of the dark. I'm just scared of what's in the dark.

  • Young Judy Bower:Teddy?

Teddy stopped eating and turned to look at Judy.

Young Judy Bower: Oh Teddy...why?

Teddy continued to stare at her before shrugging.

  • Rosemary Bower:Well, guess what you little bitch..YOUR MOMMY AIN'T HERE! (snatched the teddy bear away from Judy, causing her to cry out)
  • Judy Bower! You will not be this rude to your mother!
  • She's not my fucking mother!

Rosemary Bower:How many times do i have to tell you? Call me Momma Rosemary!

Judy Bower:You're not my mother and you know that!


Judy Bower, the main protagonist of the film who is neglected by her abusive parents.

David Bower, Judy's selfish, uncaring yet love blinded father and Rosemary's husband. He is later revealed to be an alcoholic.

Rosemary Bower, David's callous, and arrogant wife and Judy's stepmother who is verbally abusive towards Judy.

Ralph Morris, a meek businessman who is one of the few people kind to Judy.

Gabriel Hartwicke an elderly toymaker

Hilary Hartwicke, Gabriel's wife.

Isabel, Enid's girlfriend

Enid, Isabel's girlfriend.


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