You want to kill them, don't ya? If the Fallen Amazons are a problem, then it's best we take them out first.
~ Dokuhebi to Aquaman

Dokuhebi: The Hakobune were never under your command, Aqua Monster.

Hakbune #1 (to Aqua Monster): We were never really loyal to you, Aqua Monster.

~ Dokuhebi, Sai Dai Abare, and Akaei Lux and the Hakobune acknowledge that they were never really loyal to Aqua Monster

Paradise Island has a dark secret. Yes, I am from the Kyra Realm, but I was on Paradise Island before I was sent there.
~ Dokuhebi to Sai Dai Abare and Akaei Lux

Dokuhebi (Japanese for Venom Snaker) is a snake monster that was imprisoned by Bigger Monsters for Hire. He is the secondary antagonistic faction in the Super Friends 2020 TV show. He is a monster made from actual mirrors.


Dokuhebi was a criminal monster who came from the Kyra Realm. He was responsible for biting an unknown man. Using his poison, he was able to manipulate the man into attacking other people. The poison corrupted the man into attacking police officers, to the point where the unknown man was able to kill one of them.

Bigger Monsters for Hire employees realized that he would soon become a threat if he was not contained, so they made measures to contain him quickly. They administered a cure to the unknown man, who was then hospitalized.

Eventually, they made a contract to other people saying that if they were to summon him, they would be detained because he cannot be controlled.


Dokuhebi is a cunning foe, as he was able to pinpoint an unknown victim's weakness, and then use his poison to corrupt others. He was able to persuade Aquaman into making a deal with him successfully when the latter is having trouble with the Fallen Amazons in episode 10.

Role in Super Friends 2020

He first appears at the end of episode 7, where he grins evilly.

In episode 9, he is seen as a cameo, escaping from Bigger Monster for Hire. Sai Dai Abare and Akaei Lux welcome him with open arms and they scheme to use Aquaman

In episode 10, he makes a deal with Aquaman that in order to defeat the Blitz Craig, the Fallen Amazons must be taken out first. Aquaman accepts the offer and becomes Aqua Monster after Dokuhebi bites him. He then tells his cronies Sai Dai Abare and Akaei Lux and Aqua Monster to make their moves to take out the Fallen Amazons.

In episode 11, Dokuhebi reveals to Aqua Monster that he is from the Kyra Realm. Aqua Monster sends out Kyokatsu to send incriminating secrets to Wonder Woman regarding Paradise Island. Nancy Blake sees this and reports to Mia Aw Rak-Hi, who tells her to wait for further instructions.

In episode 12, Dokuhebi tells Sai Dai Abare and Akaei Lux that Aqua Monster will be be no longer of use to them. Aqua Monster then creates Mega Mauler to destroy the Fallen Amazons. When Lightning Blitz destroys Mega Mauler, Dokuhebi turns Aqua Monster into Mad Dad to finish the job.

In episode 13, he reveals to Hoshi CL that she and Mabushina are similar.

In episode 14, he approaches Green Lantern and makes a deal with him so that they can kill the Blitz Craig together. Eventually, Hoshi CL and Lightning Blitz manage to destroy him for good.


As part of Dokuhebi's contract, Aqua Monster creates minions to take out the Fallen Amazons.

  • Hakobune - Muddy like monsters that throw actual Sais at the enemy. Foot soldiers of Dokuhebi and his faction.
  • Kyokatsu - a black mailbox that can hold incriminating secrets and use them against the opponent. He is killed by Mia Aw Rak-Hi after Hoshi CL and Lightning Blitz buy time for her to appear.
  • Mega Mauler - a spiky steamroller (taken out by Lightning Blitz)
  • Mad Dad - as punishment of Aqua monster's multiple failures, Dokuhebi relieves Aqua Monster of his duties and proceeds to turn him into a mindless beast named Mad Dad, to which Nancy Blake and Fuanteina kill, thus killing Aquaman in the process.

Green Monster - a corrupted version of Green Lantern. After hearing Green Lantern's desires to take out the Blitz Craig, Dokuhebi appears before him and proceeds to bite him, turning him into Green Monster. Mia Aw Rak-Hi sends Lightning Bliitz and Hoshi CL to destroy Green Monster for good by using anything yellow against him, destroying him for good in the process, thus killing the Green Lantern as a result.

Wonder Monster - a corrupted version of Wonder Woman.


  • Venom Snaker is a pun on Venosnaker, one of the Contract monsters in Kamen Rider.
    • Except that Venosnaker isn't literally made of mirrors.
  • It is possible that Dokuhebi is a sociopath himself and not a complete monster because he does care for his comrades, meaning that Mia Aw Rak-Hi and Dokuhebi may be Not so Different themselves. This is because they are working together indirectly, but that will change once Mia discovers Dokuhebi's origins.
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