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Doki Doki Literature Club The Anime Series was renewed for another season, Now its moving to a night-block called Adult Swim but its on toonami

Now it now has bad words but not strong ones


Alex restarts his computer and he deletes and redownloads the game because he wants to save his friends this time so when he gets in the game his memory is restarted but in his dream the voices makes him realize he has something bad is coming so he has to go back to save his friends

Season 2

  1. Restart and Re-Welcome (再起動と再開始)
  2. Yuri's Dandere - Yandere File Changing (ユーリのダンデレ - ヤンデレファイル変更)
  3. Monika's Self Aware-Ness Changing (モニカの自己認識性の変化)
  4. DDLC: Back To Normal.
  5. New Student!?