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Film appearance A Cat's Life 2 (cameo)
Land of the Sabre-Tooth
Land of the Sabre-Tooth 2
Inspiration Simba
Allias Salmon
Voiced by Allias Salmon
Personality Mischievous, playful, eager, kind, caring, brave, determined, understanding, protective, brotherly, selfless, heroic, clumsy
Alignment Good
Home North America
Relatives Allohak (father)
Almika (siter)
Catori (girlfriend, later wife)
Unnamed cubs (sons and daughters)
Allies Allohak, Almika, Catori, Rocko and Toeko, Mahu
Enemies Sewati
Likes His home, his tribe, meat, humans, keeping his family and friends safe
Dislikes His kind in danger, Mahu in trouble, humans (formerly)
Powers and Abilities Super-strength, speed
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Marries Catori, has cubs with her and reunites with Mahu.
Status Alive

Dohasan is the protagonist of Digital Domain's animated feature film, Land of the Sabre-Tooth.



Dohasan was a more childish and experienced cat than his sister Almika, displayed by how

Originally, Dohasan was very prejudging, seeing humans as monsters even though he knew very little about them. Dohasan's hate for humans was brought up when his mother died while fighting the human, blaming the human for the tragedy even though his mother gave up her own life to save her son and daughter from what Dohasan started, even going to successfully kill the human only for revenge, upset and hate.