Doctor Who The Movie: Return of the Eternity Clock
Directed by Tom Ridgewell
Produced by
Written by Steven Moffat and Various writers of Waterloo Road
Starring Matt Smith

Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Chambers
Jason Earls (as a cartoon)
Emily Osment (as a cartoon)
Jenna Coleman
Karen Gillan
Arthur Darvile

Music by Todd Bryanton
Editing by
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Release date(s)
Running time
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Doctor Who The Movie: Return of the Eternity Clock is the 2015 drama science fiction adventure film


Rogue time corridors are opening all over London, connecting Elizabethan, Victorian, modern day and future London. It's up tothe Doctor, Cillian Darcy, Sherlock and Max Tyler to investigate by joining forces and close these corridors - a process not made easy by the sudden appearance of Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and the Silence throughout history!


On planet earth, in 13 bannister road, Cillian returned home from College for some time off, but then, Clara and Kino got in an argument for leaving home after 80 days around the world. He slowly walking away and Clara saw him walking away but stop him. Cillian apologies for running away and reveals that he's starting College, Clara forgives him for done that. 

Onboard the TARDIS, the Doctor struggles to navigate a temporal maelstrom. He lands on Earth. However, the TARDIS appears in a bad way. The instruments confirm the time storm covers the planet. The Doctor exits to find himself in the Bank of England in the modern day. When the TARDIS vanishes in a flash of light, he is trapped. On the advice of a psychic paper message from his future self he uses gold bars to smash through a grate into the Victorian-era vaults under the bank. He finds a perception filter he recognises as his own work. He disables it, revealing a sewer entrance. However, the passage below is blocked by a gate requiring someone on each side to open.




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