Doctor Who (2017 film)

Doctor Who is a 2017 live-action science fiction film based the british television series Doctor Who. It's tagline is "The Doctor is in".


The Doctor and his companions battle a group of aliens


  • Matt Ryan as The Doctor
  • Nikita Ramsey as Jade Sullivan, one of The Doctor's companions.
  • Skandar Keynes as Maverick Scott, The Doctor's other companion.
  • William Russ as Raden, a human-like alien
  • Andy Garcia as Utaamen, a lizard-like alien
  • Nick Nolte as Luas Nitrad, a demon-like alien
  • Terence Stamp as Loen Doll, an elf-like alien
  • Robert David Hall as Ida-Ib-Amun, an alien with an elongated head
  • Stana Katic as Saped Addemallib, a purple skinned alien
  • Terrence Howard as Rotinoy, a boar-like alien
  • Bonnie Hunt as Abauseel Otnis, a stone-like alien
  • Peter Capaldi as Deebnida Eudonnag, a thin alien.

Post Credits Scene

  • Rowan Atkinson as The Master
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