On the 1st April 2005, In the Darcy Residents, Cillian and Eadaoin are the rebellion kids and older siblings of the newborn sister named Jessie whom they are extremely jealous of. Samantha's about to die

  • Axel: Cillian. Eadaoin. You can come in now.
  • Samantha: Kids... I wanted to tell you that... We can't take care of Jessie... Cillian... keep an eye on your sister for me... Fight your family relatives and win the war.

Samantha passed on and Axel looked outside of the window and saw the Relatives with their guns.

  • Uncle Winston: Game over Axel! Give us the kids and nobody will gets hurts!
  • Axel: Kids run!

Eadaoin carrys Jessie and manage to get outta here.

  • Eadaoin: come on!
  • Cillian: Let's go Jessie, we can leave home, you can sleep later!

Act I

Nine years later, They grown up, Eadaoin's now twenty one, Cillian's now eighteen and Jessie's now nine who're now investigating the blue box who's been around for fifty one years since november twenty third ninteen sixty-three.

  • Cillian: Anyluck?
  • Eadaoin: No, we need to find prove.

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Act VI

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